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Gym, office, household, U-Bahn: Where now the largest Corona-risk-lurks

While slowly the public life begins again, we encounter more and more people, also increases the risk of infection with the Coronavirus. Whether at home, at work, or when playing sports – a British Virologist has now found out, where the risk of infection is particularly high.

After the fitness studios open in Germany again for their members. The people return to their workplace and use public transport to get there. Despite the mask of duty in supermarkets, buses and trains, the risk of infection with the Coronavirus is. A British Virologist says now that she sees the greatest danger of a contagion.

Muge Cevic from the British University of St. Andrews evaluated global studies on the risk of infection with the Coronavirus, and summarized their findings in a total of 20 Twitter Posts. They worked out the most dangerous contagion to the herd.

The Virologist comes to the following conclusion: The greatest risk of Infection is always present when people over a period of time in a closed room – especially if that only irregularly aired is. The a already at the beginning of March published study from China shows, among other things. In a study of 2147 contacts of 157 Covid-19 patients, the average infection rate of six percent. 22 percent of the people infected were close friends. 18 percent infected, and because they lived in the same household as the diseased. The Virologist brought together numerous other studies, the support to keep these results, in particular the high risk of Infection in the common house.


The highest risk of infection in a common household

So that is the budget , with a total of 13 per cent as one of the places with the highest risk of infection. Cevic, according to the question also applies to shared accommodation such as hostels for the homeless, but also for large offices. “We need to life our – work spaces re-design and we need to create better, well-ventilated accommodations for cramped living, socially disadvantaged people,” says the Virologist. In Boston had infected about within two days, 36 percent of homeless accommodation housed people.

How important is the ventilation of rooms is also stressed infections in Lodge Christoph Spinner from Munich, Klinikum rechts der Isar in Corona Talk of FOCUS Online. He said: “The virus size is related to the Infectivity.” The larger a droplet is, the higher as risk in Contracting the disease. The exchange of air, can reduce this risk. Spinner also said: “The more people over a longer period of time on a smaller surface area, the higher the risk of Transmission is”.

You can see in the Video: Café, airplane, office: infectious Loge explains, where the Corona-the danger is greatest

FOCUS Online you will See in the Video: Café, airplane, office: infectious Loge explains, where the Corona-the danger is greatest

Large offices are fomites

How devastating an outbreak can be in your office, proves a study in a South Korean call center. The entire building, a high-rise building with 19 floors in the capital, Seoul, was closed a day after the positive test result for an employee. All residents and employees, a total of 1143 people have been tested then also.

The result: 97 were infected – 94 of them were employees of the call center, which is exactly as the previously tested employees in 11. Floor of the building worked had. The authors of the study, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American health authority CDC had reported, declared: “The outbreak is alarming and shows that Sars-CoV-2 can be in crowded office environments, such as a call center, particularly contagious”. The extent of this outbreak show how a work environment could be many people in the same room to a place with a high risk of infection. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The chart shows how the employees of a South Korean call center with the Coronavirus infected had.

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In public transport is the risk of Infection, according to the study, around 11 per cent, while eating out in Restaurants around 7 percent.

Also in fitness studios: contagion through the air

But not only is there the danger of a contagion lurks in gyms, you can infect yourself. The further investigations from South Korea. There were around 26 per cent of the 200 visitors to a the fitness studios after a Covid-19-outbreak.

In the case of the Studios, two fitness had been infected trainer, who had taught in the same room over the same duration. The result: The dance training, which, with great sweat and a strong Exhale was connected, were infected 60 percent of the participants in – in the other course, in the case of Yoga and Pilates, however, none of the participants. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , The graphic shows how people in the fitness Studio in South Korea infected with the Virus had.

This study supports the results of many other studies that show transmission of the virus through the air via so-called aerosols. When you Sneeze, cough, Speak, or strong Exhale of very small virus particles into the air, where they remain for several minutes or even hours. A room is not ventilated regularly, the risk of contagion alone by the Inhalation here is so high.

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Children may infect less

In General we can say that infection is always possible where people have close contact, where the virus in the air and where there is little air exchange. The greatest risk of contagion, however, is in the same household as the direct contact to other people is very tight and long lasting.

Cevik stressed, however, that there could be contagion in the interior differences. This could be particularly beneficial for planned Openings of kindergartens and schools is crucial. A Chinese study found that infected an average of 28 percent of the spouses and 17 percent of the adult members of the household , but only four percent of the under 18-Year-olds. The study is based on the presumption that children show not only rare, severe cases of Covid-19, but are also less likely to infect.

The final conclusion, which the Virologist from your personal Meta-study concludes: “Avoid close, prolonged contact in indoor spaces and in public transport, and provide for your personal Hygiene”. So: keep your distance, mouth protection, hands wash.

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  • Posted on May 22, 2020