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Director of Allgäuer old people’s home: employees sew the breathing masks now

Deaths in würzburg nursing home, visiting ban for a care sites, fantasy prices for protection equipment – the maintenance works on the Limit. FOCUS Online spoke with the head of the allgäu old home – about risks, problems, and loneliness.

The working conditions for nursing and medical staff to intensify in the Corona-crisis, more and more. Most recently, the deaths made in Wolfsburg, in the past in a würzburg retirement home clearly, as the patients are at risk.

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Such messages make Max Gries man affected. The studied biologist belongs to the management of a maintenance operation in the Allgäu near the Neuschwanstein castle. “Care with a heart” and cared for with 40 nursing staff of approximately 100 people. They work in three residential communities with Dementia, in a day-care facility or go to the patient in the outpatient service, the home life.

The nurses Worry that you infect patients

Griessmann know that the staff Worry to carry the Virus in the patient. “We are in the care of the elderly take care of the group, which must currently be protected most from the Virus. The risk here is different than in a hospital, it’s not so much the nurses but the patients. The live at home or in the WG largely isolated and the caregiver is one of the few people who comes from the outside in and to care for,“ says the 37-year-old allgäu the Dilemma in an interview with FOCUS Online.

The Corona-pandemic restricts the everyday life of the people in Germany. Especially for vulnerable groups such as seniors, everyday tasks are associated with a risk of infection. Therefore, now asked for solidarity! FOCUS Online has therefore launched the campaign “#corona care: Germany helps”. With you! All of the information you find here.

It has intensified in the past weeks, because of the lack of the necessary protective equipment. “For us, the mouth is assumed to be protective.” Thus, geriatric nurses are in hospitals, doctor’s offices or security authorities. They are all waiting for deliveries.

Because masks are missing, they are self-sewn

Who occurs close to patients, so the rule in the case of “care with a heart”, has a mouth to wear protection. “He brings something, if one is infected, without knowing it. The mask reduces the risk of droplet transmission. The people in care now once very close.“ For their own protection, it is suitable only to a limited extent. So what to do if the stock is empty? A staff member has sat down at the sewing machine and currently produces a replacement.

More on Coronavirus

For six weeks Gries man waits in addition to a new supply of disinfectant. “The was purchased. The dealer the big demand pay. The bottle of disinfectant normally costs four euros, now it is about 40 Euro. Everything is more expensive,“ explains Gries, a man the new, additional financial burdens.

Lack of staff at the Moment not an issue – at least in the Ostallgäu

Lack of staff is at the Moment, however, is not an issue. In the Eastern allgäu region, the situation is still calm. Personnel an employee could be temporarily offset. But also Gries man deal with the great Unknown, the questions, which can currently answer none. The big “What if…?”. “We break us, of course, the head, what would we do if several nurses fail. It gets to normal times, can hardly spare.“

Experts WHO have recently given in a comment in The journal “The Lancet,” an Overview of the international activities for the Virus-containment and risk assessment. These are the core statements:

  • Corona seems to be genetically to be stable. On the basis of 500 Virus gene sequences, there is no evidence on the development of novel virus strains.
  • Infection by hospital personnel in China to be the exception. This suggests that the recommended protective measures for hospital personnel are effective.
  • So far, the detection of an infection is based on PCR Tests. Serological testing (blood samples) are in development but not yet validated.
  • The Virus production is at the beginning of an infection seems to be the highest – possibly even before symptoms Occur. Many countries begin with the identification of contact persons 1 to 2 days before onset of symptoms in an Infected.

In the three residential communities shall apply for 12. March a visit to prohibition. The nationals have agreed to a large extent. “Apparently we have been lucky there.” The core of the WG approach is that the residents share as much everyday life as possible. But here, too, the first changes are felt. The food is displayed in two layers, so that between the Old and more space at the tables is. The residents of the measures were declared. How much of this matters, depends on the degree of the disease.

The lives of nursing home residents are lonely

“The inhabitants of each of the contact breaks away. So far, they don’t take the very. You have each other, because they can move in the house freely. We try to make the best of it, but it has become very difficult. The WG lives on the assumption that members can be present. This is now broken away. It is lonely,“ says Gries, man.

Also in the Allgäu region, this is a snapshot. But what if the high-risk patients to be isolated over a longer period of time? “The longer this takes, the less the residents will be prepared to participate,” fears the head of the.  

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Economic Worries put to the back

The facility for the day care has already been driven to the emergency supply for members in critical Occupations or for people whose care is not otherwise backed up, shut down. Even if only three or four patients are cared for, the costs remain on the level of full operation. Rent and employees need to be paid. “Economically this is a loss, but we have the people, of course, a responsibility.”

The economic consequences are not yet foreseeable for the operation. A: bureaucracy is being handled very pragmatically. “The health insurance companies react very quickly, bureaucracy and documentation requirements are eased.”

Conspiracy theories bother the staff

The operator of nursing services muddle through it. There is information from the competent district office, more important are the Updates of the professional associations. Everything else is defined Gries man himself. “Us specific instructions are often missing, therefore, I ask myself, then,” said Giesemann.

And he tries to reassure the staff. He explains that the danger is log in to the Old plug, is lower than for nursing staff in hospitals and he is counteracting rumors and false information circulating. “Our staff is also unsettled by rumors. This ranges from the temporary confusion about the effect of Ibuprofen to to talk that the tested number of Infected was higher than announced. That information would be held back. These conspiracy theories make the staff not quiet.“  

The Covid-19 da-Verneiner. In their journeys to the homes of the carers meetings to members who do not take the issue seriously and with a malicious Laugh on the Wearing of protective masks react and the measures against the Coronavirus is not much. “Who bypasses lax with the contact prohibition, of course, increases the risk for our staff. We must have particularly in mind. Because we could transmit the Virus in the worst case, from one to the other patients,“ says Gries, man.

He has encouraged his employees, the people educate. If that doesn’t work, on the phone, he again with you. “That was in front of the output restriction, maybe it understood now all. But for sure, can be never.“

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