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Italy’s Prime Minister: this is the culmination of the Corona-crisis has not yet reached

The Coronavirus from spreading further, events are canceled in series, the public life is coming more and more to a Standstill. In Germany it is Infected there are currently 13 deaths and more than 5,500 confirmed Corona. Worldwide are Infected already over 156,000. All the information about the Coronavirus outbreak, you find in the News Ticker of FOCUS Online.

The Italian head of government, Giuseppe Conte has prepared the people on the peak of the virus crisis. "The scientists tell us that we have not reached the climax yet, that these are the most risky weeks, and we are the largest caution müssen&quot leave;, Conte told the newspaper "Corriere della Sera".

Italy is so bad from the Covid-19-lung-disease affected more than any other country except China. More than 1800 people have already died, more than 20 000 are infected. The entire country is on lockdown, no one is allowed to leave the house if not absolutely necessary. Despite the closures, the number of Infected goes up. Claudio Furlan/LaPresse/dpa

"We still have to wait a few weeks to überprüfen&quot the results of our decisions;, Conte said. "For the Rest, we do not need any new bans." It is important that measures to comply with the there are already. All people should stay at home. To make individual sports, should be allowed, "but to go all together for a Jog, is verboten".



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Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease

FOCUS Online/Wochit Where occurs Coronavirus on? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease

FDP-man reported on the Moment when he learned of his Corona-infection

FOCUS Online/Wochit FDP-man reported on the Moment when he of his Corona-infection learned


  • Posted on March 16, 2020