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Media report: researchers want to have solved mystery of the origin of the Coronavirus

In China, a novel Coronavirus with the name 2019-nCoV spreads. 18 people have already died of the infection. In the USA there are now the first case. All of the new developments you will find in the News Ticker of FOCUS Online.

The mystery of the origin of the deadly Coronavirus seems to be solved. Researchers claim to have found the alleged causative agent in two poisonous snake species: The Chinese Cobra and the banded Krait. The researchers virus have analyzed samples and the genetic Code of the Virus is determined. Of the snakes of the pathogen could be spread to the people. The &quot reported;ntv".

According to Peter Rabinowitz of the University of Washington in 2019 could be nCoV baptized Virus, a mixture of snake and bat viruses. This could happen when multiple animal species were kept close to each other – for example, on trading markets. In this case, the man to the creation of the Virus would have contributed, in certain respects, even.

The German virologist Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit doubts over "ntv" but the accuracy of the Chinese analyses and referred to them as "falsch". There is no evidence that the snakes are the Vectors of the Virus. Another study, released on Tuesday, has found a close relationship between 2019-cNoV and a Virus that occurs in bats.

All the info for the Corona-Virus you can find in the News Ticker of Focus Online.


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  • Posted on February 8, 2020