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Entrepreneur tests the Corona vaccine on his own body – and now has antibodies

Still, the world is conducting research on a vaccine against the Coronavirus. Until a suitable agent is found, it could still take months. An entrepreneur from Schleswig-Holstein did not want to wait any longer. He has in common with science, a vaccine is developed – and this to their own body tested.

The &quot reported;Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung". Already at the end of March, Winfried Stöcker, founder of the laboratory diagnostics company Euro started immune, to test the self-developed vaccine on himself. Three times he sprayed the middle to the 26. March, at 2. April and last updated on July 14. April.

"The immunization was ungefährlich"

In the case of the injection-molded medium-it was, therefore, to the Antigen S1 in the Sars-CoV-2, respectively, of the Coronavirus. This was genetically been produced in the lab. For the preparation of the antigen, however, been used only a component of the Virus, which in and of itself it is not infectious either. "The immunization was, therefore, harmless and no infection was danger with the Coronavirus, neither for me nor for my family and my Kollegen", horse mackerel the &quot says;FAZ". This is important, after all, he is one with 73 years for the at-risk group.

However, the Antigen is not itself a scientific breakthrough, such as horse mackerel, the "Bild" explained. It will not are already tested, but in the people. Until now. The decisive difference is that, Instead of eternal test procedure about to be seen on animals, injected horse mackerel to the Antigen in the thigh. In the case of the vaccine, there is a so-called Inactivated vaccine. These are used, for example, against Tetanus and Hepatitis-B.

After the first disillusionment, however, antibodies could be detected

But has the Antigen for now cast? In fact, had been formed at first no antibodies. In the middle of April the Tests were negative, writes the "FAZ". A few days later, the Surprise: "The Immunization test with Corona-Antigen S1 is lost for me cheap." Horse mackerel more: "It expected me to be good, I can feel no signs of any disease." And also during the entire Impfprozederes, there were no specific side effects.

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A on 22. April carried out the Elisa antiörper test that were found in horse mackerel Immunoglobulin A and Immunoglobulin G. Immunoglobulins are antibodies, the protective barrier against viruses and bacteria and thus render them harmless.

Despite the positive results of horse mackerel hopes dampens fast approval

Horse mackerel in the positive test results is also a Benefit for others. Compared to the "FAZ" he formulated the daring goal: "From my point of view, one could immunize in the short term, three-quarters of the population with the target antigen S1 of the Sars-CoV-2." This is perhaps even within the next half a year, the entrepreneur.

The Problem: It could Take significantly longer, until the vaccine is available for free. "The experts say that one needs to consider a year or two before getting a vaccine on the market bringt", horse mackerel the &quot says;Bild". From his point of view that would be fatal. He is of that dog rtausende will die in time.

Experts: there is No reliable data for Stöckingers Thesis

In order to shorten the approval process, should the effects and side effects to be directly tested on humans. After all, he had shown that the have no side effects. Stöckinger more to "Bild": "That the Antigen has the effect, was to predict, but that it has no side effects, is an important piece of Information."

But there is also criticism of the move. "Who wants to inject healthy people, what, needs almost absolute certainty, that nothing schiefgeht", warns an expert compared to the "FAZ". More were missing, according to the laboratory and testing experts, reliable data for mackerel’s Thesis, one could immunize a large proportion of the population.

Ten vaccine candidates are currently being investigated in clinical trials

Worldwide, there are, according to the Association of Research-based pharmaceutical manufacturers (vfa) 115 vaccine projects for the protection against the Coronavirus. Ten of the 115 vaccine candidates are currently being tested in clinical trials with volunteers. One of them takes place in Germany. In June, the first data of the Tests should be available in around 200 healthy people between 18 and 55 years of age.

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First, companies and research institutes have announced, according to the VfA already, their production capacity for a Covid-19 vaccine to expand. Several of them want to produce the Association, according to their vaccines even during the trial, with volunteers already on a large scale. You take the risk to have produced goods to dispose of if the study should be results of negative.

Remdesivir is yet hope

So far, the Central Remdesivir is considered to be bearers of hope in the treatment of Coronavirus. Remdesivir was originally developed for the treatment of Ebola and is not yet approved in any country of the world as a drug.

The United States issued in early may, a derogation for the limited use of the drug in hospitals. In Germany, the Mediterranean, within a compassionate use program is accessible and is being tested in clinical trials.

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