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Here\u2019s Exactly What SWEAT Trainer Kelsey Wells Eats In A Day

ICYMI, Kelsey Wells miiight just be the hottest trainer on Instagram. Famous for her PWR strength training workouts, joining Kayla Itsines in making the SWEAT app one of the buzziest ways to get fit, and her ~unreal~ transformation photos, Kelsey is unbelievably inspiring (did I mention she’s a mama?). Unsurprisingly, her philosophy on food is just as motivating as her weightlifting videos.

“I’m a big advocate for enjoying all foods,” Kelsey tells Women’s Health. “I don’t believe in restrictions. If I want a doughnut or French fries, I’m going to eat a doughnut or French fries. I think telling yourself you cannot have something is the wrong path. It’s about adding more goodness.”

Kelsey also isn’t about to tell anyone else exactly what to eat. “I think it’s so important to help women understand that nutrition is very individual,” she says. “What’s best for me and my body might be different than what’s best and right for you. I always want to encourage women not to hold any guilt toward their eating and to always seek out the way of fueling their body that helps them feel their best.”

The fitspo queen speaks from experience. In fact, figuring out what eating approach works best for her has lead Kelsey to cut out meat in the last year. “I don’t eat meat, but I do eat high-protein,” she tells WH. “I eat a lot of plant-based protein, including different soy or tofu products, as well as eggs. I also eat dairy every day, usually in the form of cottage cheese or Greek yogurt.” Take note, vegetarian friends!

Ready for the full scoop on Kelsey Wells’ personal diet? Here’s what she eats in an average day, from breakfast through dessert.


Kelsey wastes no time when she wakes up. “The first thing I do is take my vitamins and drink a huge glass of lemon water,” she says. “It just helps me get invigorated. I really think drinking water on an empty stomach right when you get out of bed helps you wake up.” Sure sounds refreshing!

Then, around 7:30 a.m., Kelsey eats breakfast with her son and her husband. “I lean toward hot dishes, so I’ll do an egg or egg white scramble with spinach, sometimes potatoes, peppers, and any raw veggies I have in my fridge.” Usually, she pairs her eggs with a vegetarian sausage patty.

When it’s hot outside, though, Kelsey swaps her eggs for a cold Greek yogurt parfait or a protein smoothie.


Kelsey admits that, for her, lunch is the trickiest meal of the day to nail. “I’m always so busy,” she says. “Even when I’m working from home, I feel like if I don’t have something prepared, I’ll either not eat enough or not eat what my body really needs.”


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That’s why, for lunch, Kelsey typically grabs some sort of leftovers out of the fridge to recreate. “It usually looks like a grain bowl with quinoa or rice, and then veggies and a protein source like tofu or eggs.” Quick, simple, delicious.


Throughout the afternoon, Kelsey munches as needed. “For snacks, I eat a lot of fresh fruit and a lot of raw veggies dipped in hummus,” she says. In addition to the fresh fruit and veg, though, Kelsey also enjoys a good protein shake or a protein bar. She loves Koia Protein Drinks and Built Bars (a brand based in her home state of Utah).

“And then I also always have a latte in the afternoon,” Kelsey adds. (Umm, same.) “I usually like to have that 30 minutes before I do my PWR session for the day. It just gives me a little natural boost of energy since I don’t use any sort of pre-workout.”


In the winter, Kelsey likes cooking big, hearty crockpot meals for dinner. Not only are they cozy, but they’re easy to pack up and stash for later meals. “I love different chilis and quinoa bakes,” she shares.


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And in the warmer months? Kelsey’s family loves to use the grill. “We grill every day, so it’s really just the same kind of food except prepared on the grill.”

Regardless of the season, though, Kelsey’s evening meal always consists of veggies, some type of grain, and some type of veggie.


TLDR; If Kelsey wants a dessert, she’s going to have it! “I love fresh fruit like strawberries, or blueberries, or apples dipped in chocolate almond butter.” She’s obsessed with Maranatha Chocolate Almond Butter, calling it straight-up “unbelievable.”

If she wants something warm when it’s cold out, Kelsey swaps her usual dessert for something warm, like oatmeal with berries and a drizzle of chocolate almond butter. “It gives me nutrients but also gets my sweet tooth and helps me stay full.” An all-around win.

Kelsey Wells’ Favorite Packaged Foods

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  • Posted on February 18, 2021