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Drosten is forecast, how our life looks in the coming months

Top virologist Christian Drosten applies in this country as one of the most sought-after experts in Coronavirus. Most recently, he earned the “image”newspaper and some research colleagues to criticism of its children’s study in which he investigated the risk of Infection by children under the. In a new Interview, he comments on the “image”of the armed and explains how our lives in the next few months might look like.

Fierce criticism it rained last for the German Star-virologist Christian Drosten: He had published a pre-print of a study on the viral load in the throat of children, the "Bild"-Newspaper as "coarse falsch" described. Gradually, other researchers, including his virologist colleague, Alexander Kekulé, a rose in the criticism. In an interview with the "Spiegel" not Drosten now only a forecast, as we are living with the Virus, but also to the excitement of his children study expressed.

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Drosten optimistic: "Maybe we miss the second Shutdown"

"We are really just in a good Situation", the virologist who works at Berlin’s Charité hospital said the sheet. It could well be that the Virus leave here alone for a while. Although probably not permanently, but "Maybe we can avoid a second Shutdown. At the beginning, clearly, because we didn’t need the whole wide range of measures, because we knew exactly what hilft", the virologist.

How is the life in the next few months? The Opening of schools and day care centers Drosten considers important, celebrations he perceives as feasible, if they take place Outdoors. In terms of vaccination, the researcher is optimistic that "The Spiegel" quotes him with the words: " I’m not counting the fact that there is only a vaccine. Running in Germany, a bit in the Background, but we are on a extremely good path at the time of vaccination."

He holds a temperature effect in the summer with views of the Coronavirus likely and advocates to use this time to get through the Winter. It could well be that us "the Virus now for a while in silence lässt", so Drosten. Through its new public presence Drosten’ve also learned one thing: "I have to get a thicker skin. For me, this is good, because I’m not really the type that I am, can protect themselves against such personal hostility."

Drosten about "Bild"-Dispute: "As the newspaper was really interested in verstehen&quot the Problem;

The "Bild"-The dispute of the virologist, commented in an interview with the "Spiegel" in detail. "You may be right in that people, exclusively the "Bild"-Read the newspaper, think: The Drosten is a bad scientist. I have no idea, I the fate of the Republic in the wrong direction lenke", the sheet quoted him as saying. He also draws attention to the fact that other scientists would have to believe in what in the "Bild" stand to discredit him as a researcher. And don’t be – with a few exceptions, the case. Image: picture alliance/dpa virologist Christian Drosten published the Mail in an image editor via Twitter.

A "Bild"-The editor had sent Drosten prior to the publication of the article, an email, in which he challenged the virologists to an opinion. However, this had only an hour, much too little to explore the complex statistics, such as Drosten of the "Spiegel" said. Also he didn’t had the impression that "as the &quot was;Bild"-To verstehen&quot newspaper really interested in the scientific Problem;.

He had rather suspected, the "Bild"-Editorial team plane a "tendentious Artikel". In the post mentioned, statisticians have distanced themselves after the release of their statements, so Drosten.

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Top virologist considers criticism of some of the statisticians for "wertvoll"

Nevertheless, Some statistics experts contacted Drosten, personally, and complained of his methodical approach in the children’s study. "It is an astrophysicist, who advised us on statistical methods, with which a Signal of a Quasar can evaluate themselves known, super finely chased methods. But for the viral load from the throat of children, maybe something viel", the virologist told to the "Spiegel".

He had decided against this Background, quite deliberately, for a coarser statistical tool. Nevertheless, Drosten referred to many of the suggestions of statistical experts as "very wertvoll". The study had now been revised and ready for publication, one of the critics on that deck, even as a Co-author.

Nevertheless have on the results, according to which "Children who have no symptoms, sometimes have a viral load that is as high as that of adults Covid-19-Patienten", nothing changed, so the virologist.

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  • Posted on May 29, 2020