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New insights to Corona infection: a runny nose as a Symptom – any evidence of permanent damage

One of the most frequently asked questions which is after typical symptoms for infection with the Coronavirus. A runny nose can occur in parallel, in addition, there is evidence of possible long-term consequences of a disease.

Fever and dry cough – both of these symptoms are considered to be the prominent evidence of infection with the Coronavirus ends. The highlights virologist Christian Drosten of the Berlin Charité in NDR Podcast "The Coronavirus-Update". This, he explains that the dry cough is in the foreground, where the fever can also be as Chill to be felt. Neck pain was possible, but could not.

As atypical, the Occurrence of a runny nose, but could be parallel to a Corona watching infection, says Drosten. Corona-patients had already been described, "a viral nose that creates sinus infection quite early, and quite spontaneously, so pain and pressure on the sinuses. There’s also a bit of a nose may run, by the way."

Corona-patients may have up to two other Parallel diseases

It but I have already given descriptions that also have a runny nose at Corona had occurred diseases. But, said Christian Drosten, would then be an additional infection. "We know it is quite a rule, detention of patients who do not have a cold disease, the only have a cold virus, but two or even three at the same Zeit", he.   

And more: "This is something quite Normal in the cold season. It may be that a Patient with SARS-2 infection has a Virus that affects the nose and this is not SARS-2. Then running nose in the case of the SARS-2 infection, by the way, so something is completely to be expected and you must be surprised at that."

Symptoms may not be present despite infection in part or entirely,

Something strange is still that people can be infected with the Virus, he didn’t notice. "Cough and fever and all the symptoms seem to ausbleiben", confirmed Drosten. However, it was the frequency of these cases, furthermore, only a very limited idea. The reason is that patients are only tested once. Symptoms occur according to the asymptotic test, but still, this is not captured.

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Long-term consequences of such infections by Corona? "Yes, there are Hinweise"

New findings there are now in the question of whether a history of infection with the Coronavirus can have lengthy consequences. "Yes, there are Hinweise", Christian Drosten. "Patients need in their General condition a long time to recover. About a month after the hospital discharge, you are weakened still, in General, the patients who had more severe gradients. Also the lung function seems to be not good after surviving severe infection.“

After all, there is a good news. By the for well over a week applicable Federal-wide contact in – and output limitation, it is expected that not only the Corona infections, but in General the number of respiratory diseases will decrease in frequency significantly.

Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease

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  • Posted on March 28, 2020