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After a week-long standstill, Which countries stand: your Corona-measures now loosen

Finally, the children laughing on the street, and finally back to Jogging in the Park, finally back to the hairdresser in small steps, many governments loosening the Corona restrictions. Other which in turn add to or extend its provisions. FOCUS Online gives an Overview.

After a week-long standstill due to the Corona pandemic loosen some of the States carefully and gradually your part to far-reaching restrictions in the everyday life and economic life. So soon, more children can go to school or in the day-care centre, citizens often Outdoor sports and shops under strict conditions to re-open. The situation in individual States:

Italy: Plan for the gradual Opening of the country

Italy highlights from the 4. May a number of restrictions on and allows about more Outdoor sports and more movement possibilities in the own Region. The Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, announced on Sunday evening along with his Plan for the Opening of the country. Also, the economy is expected to start in several stages. In Italy, schools will remain up to the summer holidays closed, open again in September.

Italy registered since February, more than 26 600 Corona-Dead. Overall, the civilian protection was one of almost 200 000 people had been infected with the Sars-CoV-2-pathogens – but there are a high number of unreported cases. After weeks of steep rise in the Numbers, there were still positive signals. So the situation has eased in the long crowded hospitals.

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Spain: Finally, the children laughing on the street

In the Virus severely impacted the country was laughing on Sunday finally children again and to hear joyous screaming on the streets. After six weeks of complete entertainment lock children up to 14 years old were allowed to leave the house and the country, and about 5.8 million. Strict conditions apply: Only one parent is allowed to accompany maximum of three children, in addition, the time of everyday excursions is limited to one hour between 9 and 21 o’clock in a Radius of one kilometre.

The Figures of the health authorities to give more reason for hope: The third day in a row, more Convalescent, were registered as new with Sars-CoV-2 Infected. In addition, the lowest number of death cases was in connection with the Virus since the age of 20. March recorded Since Saturday 288 people died, a total of the number of dead rose to more than 23 000. If the Numbers remain stable, the Spaniard, probably from the 2. May also, together again with people from the same household go for a walk, additionally, the Jogging should be allowed, as the government announced. On Tuesday, the Cabinet intends to adopt a Plan.

France: Prime presents relaxations on Tuesday

The government in Paris wants to present to the Parliament on Tuesday a Plan for the relaxation of exit restrictions. Prime Minister Édouard Philippe announced on Twitter, the Plan will provide it, consider six points: "Health (masks, Tests, Isolation …), school, work, shops, Transport and meetings." The members should then advise and vote.

President Emmanuel Macron had already announced that the since the 17th century. March the restrictions of 11. May eased to be. So far, it is known that schools and nurseries in stages to open the Restaurants until the end of may closed and larger meetings, there will remain at least until the middle of July is prohibited. In France so far 124 have been reported, 575 of those infected with the Coronavirus. 22 856 people died (both Sunday), so far, after infection with the Virus.

Switzerland: hairdressers and DIY stores open

From this Monday about the Barber’s shops, cosmetic, or nail may open studios, as well as DIY stores and garden center. Doctors and physical therapists can open their surgeries for non-urgent appointments, hospitals must re-make since the beginning of the crisis deferred intervention.

Mask is no obligation in Switzerland, but the stores must comply with stricter hygiene requirements and for the distance between the customer’s worries. Schools and other shops to open in two weeks. If the number of infections does not increase significantly, from 8. June also vocational schools and colleges as well as museums, libraries, and Zoos open again.

The Corona-pandemic restricts the everyday life of the people in Germany. Especially for vulnerable groups such as seniors, everyday tasks are associated with a risk of infection. Therefore, now asked for solidarity! FOCUS Online has therefore launched the campaign “#corona care: Germany helps”. With you! All of the information you find here.

United Kingdom: the return of the Prime Minister, anticipated

In the UK, is expected on Monday with voltage, as the Prime Minister Boris Johnson after surviving Covid-19-presented disease. The 55-Year-old Tory politician had recovered in the past two weeks at the country residence, Chequers. Prior to that, he had to spend after infection, a week in the hospital, three days in intensive care. On Sunday evening, he was returned to the seat of government in Downing Street, on Monday, he heads a meeting of the Corona-Cabinet Committee.

His government is due to the high number of deaths due to the Coronavirus under pressure. On Saturday, the total number of in hospital deaths of Infected exceeded the mark of 20 000. Nevertheless, the Calls for a relaxation of the contact constraints because of the damage to the economy are getting louder and louder.

Turkey: curfew comes to an end

After a four-day extensive curfew in the metropolis of Istanbul and 30 other cities and provinces in Turkey, the people are allowed to leave their homes again. The curfew expired in the night to Monday. The measure was since Thursday, a public holiday in Turkey, in force.

During the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan, which began on Friday, is in Turkey, the fast-breaking says in groups. The authorities adopted in the past three weeks in 31 cities and provinces, extensive curfews for the weekend. There is also a curfew for people aged 65 years and – with the exceptions apply – for 20-Year-old.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said on Sunday evening, via Twitter, on a day-2357 people had been tested positive for the Coronavirus, and 99 people in the lung disease Covid-19 died. Overall, Turkey has reported approximately 110 000 Coronavirus cases, around 2800 people died of the disease. So far, according to official figures, around 890 000 people were tested.

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USA: easing, but, overall, sobering prospects

After the first controversial loosening of the containment measures in the U.S. state of Georgia for more States to pull this week. In Tennessee to open on Monday Restaurants, under certain conditions, for guests, on Wednesday there is to be movement in the retail sector. In addition, due to expire on Thursday, Texas is the arrangement, that citizens must largely stay home, how US media reported.

The adviser of the US President, Donald Trump, the Doctor Deborah Birx, has, however, made it clear that to think of normality was. President Donald Trump abandoned on the weekend on his Corona press conferences. Last week, he had provided Statements to potential disinfectant injections against the Virus for irritation and criticism.

In some Parts of the particularly fierce of the pandemic affected the U.S. state of New York first company, could open from the middle of may, said Governor Andrew Cuomo. Until then, should improve the situation further. Particularly difficult to the Opening in the densely populated metropolis of New York will become a City. The novel Coronavirus was significantly faster than in other cities of the United States.

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Germany: what is the current situation?

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