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Why Knowing Your Body Type Can Totally Change Your Workouts

Whether you’re into HIIT, barre, or yoga, it’s likely that when you work out you do it with a goal in mind. You might be training to get stronger, to lose a little bit of weight, or help improve your mental health, but whatever the goal, knowing your body type can be a game changer for your workouts. Exercise physiologist Michelle Olson, Ph.D., explained to Women’s Health, per the New York Post, that while diet and exercise can help you achieve the look you want, the outcome of your workouts is also closely linked to your DNA. Meaning, while you can’t change your body type through diet and exercise, knowing how your body responds to certain workouts can help you achieve the aesthetic you want.

According to Bodybuilding, there are three dominant body types. The ectomorph body type which has a more naturally slight frame. If you identify as an ectomorph you likely have naturally narrow hips and shoulders, and it can be a struggle to gain weight and muscle (via Runtastic). The second body type is mesomorph. As Bodybuilding notes, mesomorphs have a more natural athletic build and easily gain muscle and maintain their optimal weight. Endomorph is the last body type and is typically characterized by a thicker ribcage, wider hips, and shorter limbs. Endomorphs can gain weight quickly but have a more difficult time losing it, but they generally have greater muscle mass than the other body types.

Why does your body type matter?

Knowing your body type or the body type you most closely align with, can help you tailor workouts to target key areas of your body to more effectively achieve your goals. 

Ben Trained suggests that once you’ve identified which body type or types you align with, find workouts that suit your body and goals. By following workouts or nutrition plans that have your body in mind, you’ll start to see the results you want.

Coach Magazine recommends that in order to build muscle, ectomorphs should try HIIT training and ensure that they’re eating plenty of protein. Runtastic suggests that mesomorphs should switch up their workout routine with cardio sessions and heavy weight workouts. Similarly, the outlet suggests that endomorphs should focus on cardio workouts and moderate weight lifting with a greater number of sets.

Phil Catudal, a global health coach and the author of “Just Your Type: The Ultimate Guide to Eating and Training Right for Your Body Type,” told Everyday Health that there’s power in knowing your body type but there’s a reason why sometimes it’s misidentified. “Very few people see themselves accurately,” he said, “The ‘body ideals’ that are portrayed in the media are often digitally altered or enhanced with special filters or other forms of manipulation. Which means they’re not real.”

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  • Posted on April 23, 2021