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Weight loss: you Can reduce the pineapple is actually the weight? – Naturopathy Naturopathy Specialist Portal

The pineapple is often touted as a miracle cure for losing weight – right?

In magazines and on the Internet the pineapple is touted as a true wonder drug for losing weight. Especially in the exotic fruit enzyme to stimulate the fat burning and so weight reduction help. However, the pineapple diet is really recommended?

During the Corona-lock downs, has accumulated in many people the extra “love handles” will be displayed. The extra pounds to get rid of again, it is important to move sufficiently, and on the other, it is but also on proper nutrition. Some people try with the so-called “pineapple diet” to lose weight. But the recommended is actually?

Low-calorie fruit with healthy ingredients

According to the Federal center for nutrition (BZfE) is the pineapple in this country, after bananas and citrus fruits are most commonly eaten exotic fruit.

It is especially popular because of the flavor, which is made up of over 200 volatile substances. However, in relation to ingredients, the calorie is to beat the poor pineapple is hard to come by.

It contains many vitamins, especially Vitamin C, as well as minerals, enzymes and trace elements such as calcium, potassium, Magnesium, iron, phosphorus and zinc.

Enzyme is to spend real miracle

In addition, the enzyme Bromelain (Bromelain) is contained in fresh pineapple, which promotes, according to the BZfE the digestive and anti-inflammatory effects.

Its content of Bromelain has introduced the pineapple to the reputation as a “fat burner”.

As the Swiss society for nutrition (SGE) explains on its website, this enzyme has the ability food protein into small particles to split. On our fat budget Bromelin according to the SGE, but no influence.

The fat reserves are melting only if we consume more energy (kcal) than we consume (keyword: negative calorie balance).

One-sided and unbalanced diet

How the experts write, the famous pineapple diets is not due to the bromelain content, but because of the diet-related reduction of total energy intake.

So, is recommended in these diets, for example, frequently, to reduce the calorie intake per day to about 1,000 kcal and calories almost exclusively on fresh pineapple too.

A (rapid) reduction in weight is very possible, but neither is guaranteed to be a long term success, nor does it do something Good for his health.

Since the pineapple diet as a mono-diet is very one-sided and unbalanced, it is not recommended by the SGE.

However, if the pineapple is not a miracle cure for losing weight, as a fruit provides the body with the above-described valuable vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and dietary fibre and can therefore be integrated quietly in the dining plan.

Due to the bad eco-balance of the fruit should not come – as well as other exotic fruit to often on the table.

The SGE recommends five daily servings of fruits and vegetables in different colors. (ad)

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  • Posted on June 11, 2020