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Examinations in rheumatism

In Germany, around 20 million people suffer from a rheumatic disease. According to experts rheumatoid have patients and patients have an increased risk for cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke. Concerned are therefore advised to have regular checkups.

According to an earlier statement by the German society for rheumatology (DGRh) have Rheumatism patients by up to 70 percent increased risk of suffering a heart attack. Also the risk for strokes and other cardiovascular diseases is increased in people with rheumatism. Therefore, the German heart Foundation recommends regular check-UPS with cardiologist indoor or cardiologist.

Also the heart and the vessels affected


How the heart Foundation explained in a recent message, is rheumatism is an inflammatory event, and it is not only the musculoskeletal system but also the heart and blood vessels can be affected. Although complaints such as pain in the joints or soft parts in the foreground of inflammatory rheumatic diseases.

“Accompanying diseases of the heart and vessels occur, however, in people with inflammatory rheumatic diseases more frequently than in otherwise Healthy”, emphasized Prof. Dr. med. Udo Sechtem by the Scientific Advisory Board of the German heart Foundation.


Rheumatism-patients and in -patients have vessels at an increased risk for inflammatory activities in the walls of the blood, it comes at you, more calcification in the vessel walls (atherosclerosis or hardening of the arteries). The experts say the result may be vascular complications to a heart attack and stroke.

“Anyone who suffers from rheumatism, should investigations therefore regular care”, recommended by the heart specialist on the cardio logicum Stuttgart. At least every five years for a heart check-up, patients with rheumatoid Arthritis, ankylosing Spondylitis (ankylosing spondylitis) or psoriatic Arthritis, should also consider the recommendation of the “European League against rheumatism” (EULAR) is.

20 million Germans suffer from rheumatism

The heart Foundation, around 20 million people in Germany suffer from a rheumatic disease. The risk of rheumatic patients and patients with a cardiovascular suffer the disease of people with Diabetes mellitus (sugar diabetes) or a ten years older Person without rheumatism. So a weak heart (heart failure) occurs in elderly patients and patients with rheumatoid Arthritis twice as often as in the case of the same old people without rheumatoid.

In the case of new symptoms to the doctor

According to the experts, especially the arteries that supply the heart muscle with oxygen and nutrients (coronary arteries) can be affected by atherosclerosis. “There is a rheumatic disease, accelerated atherosclerosis, deposits in the vessels, known as Plaques, threaten faster pick up, and lead to disasters such as heart attack or stroke.”

This risk increases especially if the Affected an increase in blood fat values (cholesterol), high blood pressure, Diabetes, or Obesity. Special caution is needed when rheumatism-patients and in -patients perceive new symptoms: “chest pain or shortness of breath with exertion, which were previously done easily, you should take it seriously and consult a doctor immediately,” warns Prof. Dr. Sechtem.

Healthy life style is of particular importance

In order for patients with inflammatory rheumatic diseases not only to heart and vascular complications to a heart attack, stroke, and heart failure, “must be the Prevention an even higher priority than in the past granted”, says the Stuttgart-based cardiologist.

The Pension includes a laboratory examination and an ultrasound examination of the heart and of the vessels, as is the ECG and imaging techniques for the detection of blood circulation disorders of the heart and deposits in the blood vessels (CT, MRI). In the case of larger changes in the rheumatism therapy, the heart is also advised to check vascular risk.

In addition to drug treatment of inflammatory disease activity and the setting of risk factors such as high blood pressure and elevated cholesterol values, a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, refraining from Smoking, and regular exercise is of particular importance: “This could be a regular work in the garden, if one is really active. Or you can go every day for about 30 minutes in flotterem pace for a walk“, so Sechtem.

The problem with drug treatment is that some of the rheumatic medicinal products in the case of longer-term intake, the cardiovascular risk increase – a factor that must be taken into account according to the DGRh especially in patients with pre-existing cardiovascular problems. (ad)

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  • Posted on July 9, 2020