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Heavy COVID-19-gradients: which is Why rescue breaths often worsen the condition – Naturopathy naturopathy specialist portal

Experience summarized: New insights for the ventilation of Corona patients

Although many infections with the new Coronavirus only slight or no discomfort, but there are also severe courses of the disease. Many people have to be thoroughly and artificially beatmetet treated. Despite such treatments the condition from worsening in some patients. Now, there are new insights, why this is so.

Recently a scientific Report was published that showed a high mortality rate for COVID-19-patients and in-patients, the machine had to be ventilated. Experts have summarized the latest findings on the ventilation of Coronavirus-Affected.

About the meaning of artificial respiration will be discussed

Studies have shown that Germany is in relation to the Corona pandemic in Europe the first country. This also has to do with the treatment of COVID-19-patients and in -patients is regarded in Germany as particularly efficient.

In addition, it is emphasised again and again that the Germans are intensely congested stations (yet), and plenty of ventilation equipment are available. This is considered important because people need to be ventilated in severe cases of COVID-19, the by the Coronavirus-induced disease, often artificially.

However, there are other countries, notes that many of these patients die, which is why some specialists are discussing the Use of artificial respiration.

Global data is summarized

The internationally recognized expert for severe lung diseases at the University medical center Göttingen (UMG), Prof. Dr. Luciano Gattinoni and Prof. John J. Marini of the University of Minnesota, USA, is now in a “Clinical Update”, the current worldwide experience and data on the efficacy and (From-)effect of ventilation in COVID-19-patients and in -patients combined.

As the UMG in a recent communication, writes, belong to the two scientists to be the most well-known experts for intensive therapy, pulmonary physiology and pathophysiology and mechanical ventilation.

The “Clinical Update” published in the prestigious journal “Journal of the American Medical Association” (JAMA).

Why the state of health in some Ventilated deteriorated

Prof. Dr. Luciano Gattinoni, of the working group “Acute respiratory failure, and is currently guest Professor” in charge at the clinic for anaesthesiology of the University medical center Göttingen, and his co-author highlight in the publication of some of the peculiarities of COVID-19-induced lung damage.

Among other things, the two people the question as to why the health condition of some of the ventilated COVID-19-patients and in -patients deteriorated rather than improved.

The scientists have found clues to the underlying mechanism by which the lung is damaged. Recent data from Italian hospitals, according to the lung at COVID-19-Concerned is not affected in the initial phase so much in their Mechanics as with other forms of severe, acute lung inflammation.

A standard therapy is discouraged

Because in the first phase of the Disease significantly less fluid in the lungs accumulates, as this is a “classic” inflammation of the lungs the case, it remains, according to the authors, is unusually long and is stretchy and elastic.

Therefore, the experts in this Phase of standard therapy with early Intubation and intensive care ventilation, as it is otherwise in the case of a severe inflammation of the lungs is applied from rates.

In the case of threatening shortness of breath from COVID-19-patients and in -patients, they recommend, first, by an adequate support of the Gasautauschs and breathing, adapted to the different stages of the disease, to ensure that the lung time to heal and to recover. (ad)

  • Posted on April 27, 2020