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10 Board Games That Will Keep You Entertained For Hours In Isolation

Black Mirror Nosedive

Inspired by the Black Mirror ‘Nosedive’ episode, this game challenges players to create a picture-perfect life by collecting possession cards and avoiding any hits to their reputation along the way. In combination with the iOS and Android compatible app, the game features over 1,000 unique scenarios.

Black Mirror Nosedive, $34.95, available at gameology.com.au

Hasbro Mystery Date Catfished Parody Board Game

Your favourite Mystery Date childhood board game has received a grownup-update for the digital age. The aim of the game is to find your true love in the dubious world of online dating while taking care not to get catfished.

Hasbro Mystery Date Catfished Parody Board Game, $34, available at toysrus.com.au

Moose Games Bananagrams

Like a chaotic version of Scrabble, Bananagrams sees players racing to use up all their letters as quickly as they can to build words. Letters are assigned no points and there’s no taking of ‘turns’ – just a mad scramble to the finish line.

Moose Games Bananagrams, $29.99, available at myer.com.au

The Gin Game

Love gin? Look no further, The Gin Game is your new fave board game. A game of twists and chance, it will test your gin knowledge as you navigate around the board. To complete the picture, why not mix yourself up a gin tipple to sip as you play? It would be rude not to!

The Gin Game, $41.49, available at iwantoneofthose.com

Sunnylife Mega Jumbling Tower

Okay, you’ll probably want to set this one up on your floor instead of the table. It’s everyone’s favourite classic tumbling block game but in giant form. Stack up the rainbow blocks and grab another member of your household (or more) to play. Timberrr!

Sunnylife Mega Jumbling Tower, $129.95, available at sunnylife.com.au

Ridley’s Famous Women Quiz

Test your knowledge of the world’s most renowned women – past and present. With 140 question cards centred around famous females, this trivia game will not only keep you entertained for hours, it may prove to be enlightening, too!

Ridley’s Famous Women Quiz, available at myer.com.au

Hasbro Board Games Trivial Pursuit 2000s

Obsessed with the noughties? Us too. Now you can relive your favourite era through this 2000s-centric version of Trivial Pursuit. Like past iterations of the game, it features questions in six categories: Places, entertainment, events, the arts, science and tech, and sports and hobbies.

Hasbro Board Games Trivial Pursuit 2000’s, $29.99, available at myer.com.au

Printworks Movie Geek Trivia Game

Movie buffs and pop culture fans, this one’s for you. Prepare to put your film knowledge to the ultimate test with this fun trivia game. The rules are simple: Your opponent must guess the name of the actor and one title of a movie he or she stars in.

Printworks Movie Geek Trivia Game, approximately $43.65 after currency conversion, available at anthropologie.com

Escape Room the Game – 4 Rooms Plus Chrono Decoder

Work together with your fellow players to solve puzzles and find clues to find a way out of the ‘escape room’ within 60 minutes. Like playing an escape room in the real world, you’ll need to employ solid teamwork, communication, ingenuity, creativity and logic to succeed.

Escape Room the Game – 4 Rooms Plus Chrono Decoder, $59.99, available at myer.com.au

Cards Against Humanity

Billed as a “party game for horrible people,” Cards Against Humanity isn’t a game for the meek of heart. The aim of the game? Each round one player will ask a question from a black card and the other participants must play their most shocking, vulgar or funniest card in response. If you’re playing with kids, a PG-rated version for ages 8+ now exists, too and you can download it for free at cardsagainsthumanityfamilyedition.com.

Cards Against Humanity, $44, available at target.com.au

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  • Posted on April 23, 2020