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Why Italy has so many Covid-19-deaths

Not only doctors wonder why in Italy compared to other countries, so many people are dying of the new Coronavirus. Three Italian scientists in the journal JAMA, the possible reasons for the high death rate, including inconsistent Reporting and testing procedures.

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More recent contributions to SARS-CoV-2, and Covid-19 can be found in the special Coronavirus on aponet.de.

While in China, an average of 2.3 percent of the Covid-19-died-Ill, in Italy almost ten percent – in Germany, the mortality rate of about 0.5 percent is currently significantly.

The big differences, the scientists explain to a with the average age of the Italian Patients: While in China, 11.9 percent of the Patients were 70 years or older, were in Italy, 37.6 percent of the Infected. The mortality rates of persons up to 69 years are similar in both countries, and depending on the age group of up to 3.6 percent. Add to this that, in Italy, every death of a human, wherein the Coronavirus has been detected, is received as a death by Covid-19 in the statistics, even if he died of heart failure. This is often the case, because many of the Infected before Covid-19 from cardiovascular diseases. Also test capacities play a role: In Italy, will be primarily tested seriously Ill, causing the Infected to stay with mild gradients undetected, the actual number of cases is likely to be much higher.

In the further articles of the Italian Doctors described the extremely difficult working conditions: A lack of protective equipment, ventilators, intensive care beds, and drugs led at times to the sick could not be treated adequately, and Covid-19 was taken to the hospitals.


  • Posted on March 26, 2020