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Watch This Olympic Gymnast Get Crushed by His First Bodybuilding Workout

He may have formally announced his retirement from the world of competitive gymnastics this month, but Olympic medalist Nile Wilson is still pushing himself to his physical limits in different ways. In a recent guest appearance on fellow fitness YouTuber Mike Thurston’s channel, Nile tagged along to the gym on leg day, and attempted his first ever bodybuilding session.

“I’ve never done bodybuilding, but to be able to understand people’s knowledge, and how Mike creates his physique… for me it’s always been about how good a gymnast I am and what tricks I can do, so now that I’m retired I’m just buzzing to get involved in different types of training,” he says.

Mike starts Nile out with a hack squat, which soon lets the gymnast know what kind of intensity level he can expect to be working at: “I’ve done one exercise and I can’t walk!”

Next, they work on engaging the hamstrings and glutes with the Romanian deadlift, with Mike ensuring Nile has got the right technique and noting that half of the challenge of this move comes from using the core for much-needed stability.

“I feel dizzy and sick,” says Nile, adding how much he admires the dedication that bodybuilders have to put into their training. “I’ve been an athlete myself, and I think until you really start getting that consistency over a long period of time, that’s when you’re going to get some results. There’s no magic pill or one session that’s going to change your life.”

Then they hit up some leg extensions and lying leg curls before calling it a day. “My legs have never felt like this,” says Nile.

“That was a great effort,” says Mike. “Not once did he quit. He kept pushing himself.”

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  • Posted on January 30, 2021