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Urgent 'do not eat' warning over salt sold at Tesco

Urgent ‘do not eat’ warning over salt sold at Tesco: Supermarket recalls product because of fears it may contain tiny pieces of plastic

  • Tesco warns the salt is ‘unsafe to eat’ due to it containing tiny pieces of plastic 
  • Food safety watchdogs urge people not to eat the salt and return it for a refund 

A batch of cooking salt has been urgently recalled over fears it might contain tiny pieces of plastic.

Food safety watchdogs have issued a ‘do not eat’ warning over the British Cooking Salt sold at Tesco.

Officials at the Food Standards Agency (FSA) have warned the public that the possible presence of plastic in the salt makes it ‘unsafe to eat’. 

The British Cooking Salt is sold at Tesco in 1.5kg bags for £1.90. 

The British Cooking Salt (pictured right) is sold at Tesco in 1.5kg bags for £1.90. Point of sale notices (pictured left) will be issued at Tesco supermarkets where this item is sold

Tesco has said the salt could ‘potentially pose a risk if ingested’. 

Only one batch with the code 3200 is affected. No other batches of salt are at risk.

Those who have bought products with this batch code are urged to not eat it and to return the item to the nearest Tesco supermarket for a full refund. 

Customers do not need a receipt to get a refund of this item. 

No other batches of salt have been affected. 

Point of sale notices will be issued at Tesco supermarkets where this item is sold. 

Small pieces of plastic in food are a choking hazard for both children and adults.

Choking happens when someone’s airway suddenly gets blocked, this can be partially or fully, but enough so they can’t breathe properly.

If an adult’s airways are blocked, they may be able to clear the blockage themselves.

However, if coughing doesn’t solve the issue, back blows and abdominal thrusts can help. If these do not work, you should call 999 immediately.

The NHS warns that you should not give abdominal thrusts to babies under one or to pregnant women.

What to do if someone is choking

Source: St John Ambulance 

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  • Posted on July 31, 2023