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This New Trader Joe’s Dessert Is a Mix of Two Cult Favorite Products

We’ll just say it, Trader Joe’s always finds us a way to keep us on our toes — and we absolutely love it. Whether they’re making yet another Everything But The Bagel creation or they’re dropping a tasty spring-inspired cake mix, the retailer is tops at getting us hooked on their new items without a second thought. So it comes as a surprise to exactly no one that Trader Joe’s has once again blown our minds with a new product they just released: Cold Brew Coffee and Boba “Ice Cream.” Yep, looks like we’ll be taking our regular trip to the store a bit earlier than usual to grab this decadent non-dairy treat.


A post shared by TRADER JOES OBSESSED & MORE ❤️ (@traderjoesobsessed)

Popular Instagram account @traderjoesobsessed shared the new product, with an all-caps excitement we totally get, writing, “🚨 PSA OMGEEEEEE ATTENTION BOBA LOVERS 🚨DAIRY FREE COLD BREW COFFEE ICE CREAM WITH BOBA ($4.29)!!!!!! 🧋☕️🍨🥥 I neeedddd to get my hands on this ASAP!”

They added, “These are all my favorite things in the world in one cup!” Us too @traderjoesobsessed, us too. We already love Trader Joe’s cold brew coffee and it’s a regular item in our carts, so this is sure to be an instant favorite for us. Plus, we’ve already seen boba used in other delicious desserts, like the Boba Pineapple Cake available at Costco.

Like many commenters under the post, we’re pretty curious to see how this new coconut non-dairy frozen dessert manages to feature the chewy tapioca balls into this icy snack, but we don’t doubt it will be delicious being that Trader Joe’s is involved.

Before you go, check out all of the Trader Joe’s products you can shop right at Walmart:

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  • Posted on February 20, 2021