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The Viral Whipped Coffee TikTok Trend Can Now Be Made in 60 Seconds Thanks to This New Product

ICYMI: TikTok has been the blueprint for all things trendy lately, from establishing fashion trends to sharing seriously amazing food hacks, we’ve followed it all. But there’s one trend that came out on top of it all: whipped coffee. Yep, dalgona coffee quickly took social media by storm and become our favorite go-to option for our daily caffeine boost. Here’s the thing about dalgona coffee — although very delicious — having to go full barista can be kind of a drag on tired mornings and lazier days. Though whisking away coffee and sugar to create your frothy mixture is great for Instagrammable pictures and TikToks, the whole process can be pretty exhausting. Well, thanks to Whipped Drinks, there’s a new way to make the viral drink in 60 seconds. We don’t know about you, but the idea of one-minute coffee already has us sold.


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“Happy Friday gorgeous! Hope you got whipped☕️ this morning.💅,” Whipped Drinks wrote on Instagram. So, how exactly does the magic work? The brand has created ”whip sticks,” which are a blend of premium 100% Colombian coffee with natural cane sugar, luxurious cocoa, and a dash of sea salt — eliminating the need to measure out ingredients and blend.

To make the coffee you’ll empty the contents of the sticks into your cup, add a tablespoon of water, whip for 60 seconds and voila, your drink is ready.

Currently, you can pre-order their exclusive starter whip kits online which include: one frothing stick appliance, a gold frothing jug, recipe and instructions card, and a 10-pack carton of whip sticks — all the necessities needed to enjoy the elevated beverage. 


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And if you’re just wanting to snag Whipped Drink’s whipped sticks (sans frother and jug), you’ll soon be able to purchase the packs of 10 separately and have your daily dose of dalgona coffee in less than 60 seconds.

Our morning definitely just got a whole lot better (and easier)!

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  • Posted on February 2, 2021