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This ‘Game-Changing’ Wearable Is a ‘Jet Lag Hero’ for Frequent Travelers – & It’s on Sale for Fourth of July

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Judging by my Instagram feed alone, everyone I know has been all over Europe (and Asia, and Africa) for pretty much the past month. It’s the peak summer travel season, which is one of the best times of the year, but most frequent travelers who are time zone-hopping are not as stoked for the jet lag that comes along with it.

Between fatigue during morning excursions, sleeping in past noon and being wide awake at night, and waking up and having genuinely no clue what time it is, jet lag is no fun, especially when you’re trying to explore a new city and have an active, yet relaxing vacation. What if there was a little device you could take along with you that could give you a little boost of energy when you need it and a little nudge to help you sleep more soundly?

The Apollo Neuro wearable is one of our favorite stress-busting tools here at SheKnows. You can keep the Apollo wearable right on your wrist (it looks kind of similar to a fitness tracker watch) or around your ankle, or clip it onto your shirt, bra, or waistband of your pants.

Here’s how it’s a “game changer,” as reviewers called it: Created by neurologists, the Apollo device, through a tapping therapy, activates your nervous system to send a message from your brain to your body by sending gentle vibrations. Those messages might be along the lines of “calm down,” “focus your energy,” or “get ready to drift off to sleep,” depending on which setting you select on the band.

All you have to select a “Vibe,” like “Energy,” and the vibrations will train your nervous system to wake itself up and feel more charged — you can schedule your favorite vibes at certain times too. You can do the same with sleep, connect to the app, key in what time you ideally want to sleep and for how long, and the app will record that data for you to help set your circadian rhythms (your natural sleep-wake cycle) on a schedule.

Which brings us to the travel benefits.. An Apollo Sleep Study found that using the device consistently, for at least three hours a day, five days a week, there was a possibility of getting as much of 30 more minutes of sleep per night, which can make a huge difference on some nights. You can keep it charged for six to eight hours a day, so it’s easy to wear through the night. Because it can tap you with an energy burst early in the day and soothing vibrations at night to help lull you off to sleep, the wearable can help reset your circadian rhythms and fight jet lag when you travel.

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Not to mention, does anyone else out there have flight anxiety? You can turn up the intensity of the Stress mode to 35% and use the calming vibrations to ground you while you take off. There’s also the Recover option that can help shake off the stress of a work day (or if you’re on vacation, the exhaustion of day drinking) or fatigue from a workout. You can follow those up with the Unwind mode for your pre-bedtime, chill-out ritual, and then the Sleep mode when you’re ready to pass out for the night.

One five-star reviewer called the wearable a “jet lag hero.” “I travel a lot, with lots of jet lag and lots of time zones. Apollo has been really good at letting me manage that smoothly,” they shared. Another satisfied reviewer also uses the Apollo Neuro wearable for staying on track during a trip in a totally different time zone: “We are currently traveling in Asia and I’m using it to stay asleep when my body rebels with the time change. I get more solid sleep nightly and generally more clarity during the day.

And before we forget, this versatile summer travel game changer is on sale for $50 off between now and the 4th of July. You can also grab yours for $40 less by using the code SUMMERTRAVEL.

It’s time to print that boarding pass, slip on your Apollo, and go!

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  • Posted on June 29, 2023