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This ‘Before-bed’ Bagel Recipe Is Going Viral on TikTok & It Only Requires 4 Ingredients

You’ve heard of overnight oats, but have you also heard of overnight bagels? TikTok user Kate (@KateDavidsun) preps her breakfast bagels the night before — and no, she doesn’t just defrost frozen bagels she bought ahead of time at the store. She actually makes a single bagel from scratch using just four ingredients.

“It’s late and I’m tired but I can’t go to bed without making myself some breakfast for tomorrow. So I’m going to take 10 minutes to quickly make an asiago bagel,” Kate says in a now-viral video from December. “It’s very easy to make. You just need some water, flour, yeast, and barley malt syrup.”

It looks like she starts with a bit of water in a Pyrex measuring cup and warms it up in the microwave. Kate then mixes in about half a spoon of barley malt syrup and “about a quarter teaspoon” of yeast — when it comes to the measurements in this recipe, Kate says, “I don’t know. I just guess.”

“Normally I would wait for the yeast to bubble up to make sure that it’s alive, but I know that this is alive, so I’m just going to add the flour,” Kate says. She adds enough bread flour to turn her liquid mixture into a dough she can knead and roll. But before the rolling step, Kate grates a bit of asiago cheese into the dough to give it a bit of zest (this step is optional).

Finally, Kate rolls and shapes the dough into a bagel, places it on a tray, and covers it with a bit of plastic wrap and a dish towel to allow it to rise overnight.

breakfast tomorrow morning is going to be so good

The next morning, she first boils the bagel in a mixture of water and barley syrup before placing it in the oven to bake. Once it’s golden brown, the bagel is ready to eat as is or be used for a tasty breakfast sandwich, as Kate makes here.

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Eating freshly baked bagels for breakfast every morning sounds like a luxury. But it turns out that you can live that luxe life if you have an extra 10 minutes before bed and a few simple ingredients.

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  • Posted on January 24, 2023