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The Pioneer Woman's 3-Sauce Baked Spaghetti Is Truly the Ultimate Comfort Food Meal

Pasta is always a good idea — no matter what the situation! Bad day? Pasta. Celebration? Pasta. Needing an easy, delicious meal that the whole family will love? Pasta! While any variety of noodles and sauce will do the trick, Ree Drummond’s latest recipe looks like the ultimate comfort meal — and we can’t wait to try it!

The Pioneer Woman’s 3-Sauce Baked Spaghetti requires meaty marinara, Alfredo sauce, and pesto. It’s like inviting all of your favorite ingredients over at the same time for a party in your mouth!


In a new video posted to the Food Network YouTube Channel, Drummond whips up this delicious dinner. It starts with the meat sauce, which also contains garlic, peppers, and other ingredients to make it a little spicy. While working on the meat, she is also boiling spaghetti noodles to save time. She adds tomato paste and other ingredients to finish up the meat sauce.

Next, Drummond whips together “a really simple Alfredo,” which takes butter, cream, and more. Finally, she pulls it all together in a baking dish. The Pioneer Woman pours the finished pasta into the baking dish and tops with pesto, the third sauce. “Pesto is absolutely my love language, I add it to everything,” she explained. “I thought it would be great to toss the spaghetti in pesto before adding the other two sauces.”

The spaghetti is layered like a cake and is absolutely steaming as she pours it into the pan. The final dish is topped with more cheese and baked. “It is scrumptious,” she adds. And it definitely looks like it! With so much cheese, meat, and noodles, how could you go wrong?

The whole thing takes about an hour to make and serves six-to-eight people. It’s the perfect meal for a family dinner and is especially good with crusty bread served on the side!

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Get Drummond’s full 3-Sauce Baked Spaghetti recipe online HERE.

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  • Posted on July 31, 2023