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The 50,000 Pets stranded in China due to Coronavirus-measures – you a terrible death

Around the world, the Coronavirus provides fear and terror, on the distribution, there are a variety of theories and rumors. One of these is the assumption that the Virus is transmitted by dogs and cats. The consequences for the Pets, are devastating.

You are thrown from roofs, beaten to death and run over. In China dogs and cats are killed in a cruel way. The Background: a Morbid fear of the Coronavirus.

The assumption that Pets could transmit the Virus, drives people to unspeakable measures. The Chinese scholar Li Lanjuan had publicly recommended to isolate dogs and cats. “If Pets have outside contact with an infected Person, there is a Chance that they will become infected,” she explained in Chinese television.

WHO: “No evidence that Pets can become infected”

However, it is only a rumor, the evidence is no. The world health organization (WHO) contradicts Lanjuans warning. “There is currently no evidence that Pets such as dogs and cats can be infected with the Coronavirus,” – said in a Statement, the WHO.

All the more shocking images and video recordings spread across social media, and Asian news agencies are.

A recently common Clip shows a group of men, the British media, according to officials of the municipality of Chengdu in Sichuan, and landed on a dog by the roadside. The animal had no one attacked, and waited on his owner. As this appeared, had disappeared the men – the dog was dead.

Other images show cats and dogs that were dead pitched on the ground. Apparently, the animals had been cast in Shanghai and Tianjin City high-rise buildings.

Pets starve, people can’t stay in their homes

But that’s not enough. The Pets of many Chinese threaten to starve to death because of the locked districts. The cities are cordoned off, many people are no longer in quarantine, the animal owner may in their apartments. So no one can feed the Pets. Estimates of the “Mirror” that this applies to around 50,000 animals living in abandoned apartments.

A small hope is still for the animals. There are Volunteers who go into the abandoned apartments and the dogs and cats to take care of. However, this is not some violation of the law. Actually, you are not likely to leave their shelters.

You can see in the Video: Coronavirus: number of Infected people in China is increasing by leaps and bounds – the lies behind it

glomex See you in the Video: Coronavirus: number of Infected people in China is increasing by leaps and bounds – the lies behind it

  • Posted on February 27, 2020