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Shawn Johnson Is Not Here for the Rude Speculation Fans Are Making About Her Pregnant Belly: ‘Don’t Go There'

ICYMI: Shawn Johnson is pregnant with baby number 3! *Holds for the same round of applause she got when she when gold at the 2008 Olympics.*

She announced her pregnancy earlier this week on Instagram. In the first photo she’s sitting in front of the Olympic rings at the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens, Greece. “Swipe for a surprise,” she captioned the post. And what was the surprise? In the second photo, she’s standing in the same spot, cradling her growing bump.

How sweet is that? What a special location for this big reveal.

Today, Johnson — who shares Drew, 3 and Jett, 2 with her husband, retired NFL player Andrew East — got on her Instagram Story and shared a selfie video from inside her car.

“I wanted to squash this before I read any more comments,” she said. “After seeing the pictures of me being pregnant and the fact that I’m like, barely halfway. People are like, ‘Are you having twins?’”

Oh no! Oh no they didn’t! Johnson stayed relatively calm, but we could feel the expectant mama bear rage that she undoubtedly wanted to let out.

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“No,” she said before explaining why she looks like she’s going to have twins. No matter how many kids a woman is expecting or when they are due, don’t comment on the size of their bump! End of story. Plain and simple. Do. Not. Do. It. Actually, let’s edit that: Don’t comment on another person’s body. At all. Ever. Capiche?

“I’m 4-foot-11. My torso is like four inches tall,” she said. “My husband is almost 6-foot-3, and my kids are almost 10 pounds when I have them. I carry big babies. This is my third. I’m showing earlier.”

“Don’t go there,” she continued. “I rock it, OK? I rock it.”

Yes you do, girl! Yes you do. You rock it all the damn time. You rocked it in that announcement and you rocked it on your latest date night. Johnson and East attended the ESPY Awards on Wednesday and she looked absolutely stunning in a teal mermaidcore dress. She cradled her bump on the red carpet, and East was quick to dip his pregnant wife and give her a sweet smooch.

The two have never shied away from sharing their love for each other and their love for their two kiddos. And we have no doubt we will see them do the same with Baby East!

Because these parents rock it, OK? They rock it.

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  • Posted on July 14, 2023