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Q&A: Cardiologist answers questions about health and heat

hot day

What happens in the body when it gets very hot?

At what temperature do we begin to see heat having an effect on our health?

How should you act, to prevent risks and to handle heat and high temperatures?

Is there anything you should avoid doing when it is very hot?

Many people in Sweden are on holiday the weeks when it is likely to be the hottest, but far from everyone is. What should you think about if you have to work, inside or outside, when it is very hot?

What should an employer/organization do to create the best possible work environment for their staff?

I work in healthcare, is there anything I should think about or that we as an industry should think about when it is very hot?

How does our behavior in Sweden differ from behavior in countries where there are more used to heat and high temperatures?

Some people think it is harder to sleep when it is hot, especially if it is also hot during the night. Why is that? Is there scientific evidence that we do not sleep as well when it is hot or is it more of a subjective experience? Is there any advice for sleeping better when it is hot?

What warning signs from the body should you be mindful of when it is very hot and how should you act if you begin to feel unwell?

Which groups of people are most vulnerable when it becomes extremely hot?

If I belong to one of the vulnerable groups, or have loved one that does, what should I do and what should I think about to care for myself or my loved one in the best way?

Your research concerns extreme weather, including heat. What does your research look at and have you got any examples of new research in the field?

When people die of heat, what is it they actually die from?

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  • Posted on June 30, 2023