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Meghan McCain's Mom Waited for the Vaccine to Meet Her Granddaughter

Since the pandemic began last year, we’ve seen many celebrity babies welcomed into the world; including Meghan McCain’s daughter, Liberty Sage. It’s a strange (and very difficult) time to be a parent at all right now, but caring for a newborn is an entirely different beast of its own. For Meghan, who gave birth to baby Liberty back in September, having her child amid COVID-19 meant being increasingly cautious about exposing her little one to the virus — which meant refraining from seeing her own mother, Cindy McCain, who lives in Arizona.

Per People, it wasn’t until recently that Cindy and Liberty had actually met in person. Up until then, the grandmother’s interaction with baby Liberty was a slew of FaceTimes.

“She didn’t want to come visit because she was in Arizona when the pandemic started, and I was here,” said Meghan, who is currently in her D.C.-area home. “I think she was worried, because Arizona had such huge spikes, that she was worried about getting it and bringing it.”


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When Cindy received the COVID-19 vaccine, she deemed it safe enough to make the trip to see both Liberty and Meghan. And as can only be expected from such an emotional reunion, Meghan admitted that her mother cried when she finally saw her baby.

As for Liberty, it took no time on her end to become completely fascinated with her grandmother. “Liberty is obsessed with her. I was like, maybe [it’s] because my mom had four kids, but she was hypnotized by my mom,” Meghan told the outlet.

We’re so glad the trio was able to finally be together, and we’re sure Meghan is looking to her mom as she continues to navigate the many highs and lows of motherhood.

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  • Posted on February 11, 2021