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Meghan McCain Says She's Turning Down Ozempic Peer Pressure to Set an Example for Her Daughters

Meghan McCain is the latest celebrity to speak out about why she won’t be using the weight loss drug Ozempic.

In a recent Daily Mail column, the former co-host of The View said she has been “urged” by friends and “industry acquaintances” to try the headline-making drug since giving birth to her youngest daughter, Clover. However, the 38-year-old mother of two refuses to set a negative example for her children.

“I’m told ‘everyone is doing [Ozempic],’ as if that was ever a compelling case,” McCain wrote. “I hear ‘just take the shot’, as it has become known in shorthand. I was even offered a black-market freebie by someone with ‘extra shots at home.’”

For context: McCain gave birth four weeks ago! Who are these so-called friends of hers?! Shedding “baby weight” should be the last thing on her mind — and anyone who tells her otherwise has clearly internalized toxic ideals from diet culture.

“I am realistic about how long it takes to have your body feel normal again post-baby,” she noted, rightfully so. “So, don’t rush me!”

As McCain went on to explain, Ozempic is a weight loss medication approved by the FDA for people with Type 2 diabetes. (The generic drug, semaglutide, is also sold under the brand names Wegovy and Rybelsus.) Over the past six months, Ozempic has exploded in popularity among non-diabetic, image-obsessed TikTokers and celebrities, who reportedly use it as a “miracle drug” to shed weight quickly.

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In “the sickest twist,” people who actually need this drug are now facing shortages throughout the country.

“You can’t get more Hollywood than that,” McCain quipped. “And surprise, surprise – that’s where it’s apparently popular. … Ozempic also seems to be the hottest thing in the media industry. So many of the men and women you see on TV every day are rumored to be using the drug.”

Despite mounting peer pressure, McCain refuses to use Ozempic. For one thing, she doesn’t have diabetes, so she doesn’t need it. Ultimately, she is also wary of sending the wrong message to Clover and Liberty, her firstborn daughter.

“As a new mother, I also have a responsibility to set an example for my daughters, who will one day face the same beauty standards,” McCain wrote. “Their world will only be more challenging as social media seeps more deeply into the American mind. This is not the world I want for them and not the world I want for myself.”

“As for Ozempic, I would rather have a few extra pounds than shoot myself up with medicine,” she concluded. “There ain’t nothing worth having that is easy to get. And that goes for my health and the health of my girls.”

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  • Posted on February 21, 2023