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Meditating for just 45 minutes a day can help reduce blood pressure

Stress-related high blood pressure sufferers should try meditating for 45 minutes a day, guidelines suggest.

The International Society of Hypertension says it is still good to quit smoking and cut down on salt, but “body and mind” lifestyle goals are also useful.

Co-author Prof Bryan Williams said: “These things make such an important contribution to reducing the effects of stress on the cardiovascular system.

“All of us need to take a step back and say, actually, I should be able to find half an hour in my day to have a little bit of time to myself and decompress and just relax. Whether it’s listening to music, going for a walk or going to the gym and doing some exercise.”

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High blood pressure is a leading cause of premature death. The society’s panel of experts have come up with a series of tips to help reduce the condition.

They include daily meditation, deep breathing, yoga, mindfulness and 25 minutes of calming music – while focusing on positives and performing acts of kindness to boost your sense of wellbeing.

Beetroot and pomegranate juices help lower blood pressure. Other useful tips are eating fish or taking Omega-3 fish oil tablets, taking probiotics and fibre to boost gut health – all while staying physically active and getting enough sleep.

The paper is published in the Journal of Hypertension.

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  • Posted on September 16, 2023