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Margot Robbie's Story About Paying Off Her Mom's Mortgage Will Make You Misty-Eyed Just Like 'Barbie' Did

Just when we thought we couldn’t possibly adore her more after the record-shattering Barbie premiere, Margot Robbie finds another way to put a tender ache in our chests, a lump in our throats, and a bit of unexpected moisture in our eyes.

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During an interview featured on this past weekend’s episode of CBS Sunday Morning, Robbie opened up about using her fame and fortune to pay off her mom’s house. The Wolf of Wall Street star recalled keeping records of financial support her single mom lent her while she was climbing the ladder to Tinseltown, sharing, “Everything I owed my mom, I had it written down. She’d take money out of the, like, house mortgage, lend me money. So I always knew, I was like, ‘I gotta pay that back.’”

The award-winning actress added, “And then one day, when I made enough money, I just paid that whole mortgage off completely. I was like, ‘Mom, don’t even worry about that mortgage anymore. It doesn’t even exist anymore.’” Waving off praise for her generosity, Robbie insisted, “Honestly, anyone in my position, you’d do that for your mom. Of course you would.”

The Barbie star previously talked about her dedicated recordkeeping during a 2019 conversation with her mom, Sarie Kessler, for Vogue Australia. “I had everything I owed you written on a piece of paper, and every time I got a pay cheque I paid off my debt,” Robbie recalled. “But then I kept the piece of paper because it was so satisfying at the end to know I’d paid it all back. And then I started saving,” she remembered.

  • Robbie Was Determined to Become a Successful Actor

    Image Credit: Emma McIntyre/WireImage.

    In that same conversation for Vogue, Robbie’s mom expressed how impressed she was with her daughter’s tenacity from a young age. “I really admired the way you set about deciding how your future was going to unfold. I remember the first time you told me you were going to be an actor in grade 12,” Kessler reminisced. 

    She continued, “Do you remember doing that movie? You loved it so much and you came home and said, ‘Mum, you’re not going to like this, but I’ve decided I’m going to be an actor.’”

  • Her Mom Had Reservations About Her Career Choice

    Image Credit: VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images.

    Robbie’s mom continued her walk down memory road where her daughter’s aspirations took root, saying, “And Margot, my jaw hit the floor because you were at a really good school. You come from a family with a medical background and a family with a business background, and you told me you were going to be an actor. I was stunned,” Kessler admitted.

    “I thought that it’s hard to be an actor and make a good living,” Robbie’s mom continued. “I was very concerned you were intending to take a pathway that, to me, didn’t have a really extensive future,” she recalled.

  • Robbie Secured the Career Longevity Her Mom Hoped for After All

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    Kessler expressed her joy at being proven wrong, telling Robbie, “Now you could say, ‘Mum, you needed more faith in what I can achieve.’ I’m just absolutely so happy for you that you’re in a situation where you love what you do and you have the independence to do what you do because you guys started up your own [production] company, [LuckyChap Entertainment],” the proud mom gushed. 

    Kessler added, “I saw it as a means of having longevity — it gives you that extra ability to be doing what you love, but right on until you’re much older.”

    She may have stolen hearts across the globe as Stereotypical Barbie, but Robbie is somehow even more of a gem in real life.

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  • Posted on July 25, 2023