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Jason Kelce Reveals His Plan to Raise His Daughter 'Tough' Went Out the Door the Moment She Was Born

For Jason Kelce, there’s no bigger joy than being a girl dad — not even competing for Super Bowl championships compares to being a father, according to the Philadelphia Eagles center.

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During a May 2023 interview with People, the NFL player shared what he thought raising a daughter would be like and how his preconceived ideas became wholly irrelevant once the first of his three daughters was born.

“Before I had children, I told myself if I ever have a daughter, I’m just going to treat them exactly the same as a son. I don’t think that you should treat kids necessarily different,” Kelce explained. “And then when I had a daughter, I was like, ‘I’m not going to spoil her, I’m going to raise her tough. She’s going to be hard.’ And the moment she came out, I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s not going to work,’” the football player hilariously shared.

The proud papa of three girls — Wyatt, Elliotte, and Bennett — said his appreciation for his own parents has grown now that he fully understands what parenthood entails. “I think I told my mom after Wyatt was born, maybe the first year, I was like, ‘I’m sorry, I had no idea what you guys were actually sacrificing and doing on a daily basis for us,’” Kelce said. He sweetly added, “Being a father is by far the biggest highlight of my life, no question about it.”

  • Lucky No. 3

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    The Eagles center and his wife, Kylie, most recently welcomed Bennett in February 2023 — just over a week after Jason played in the Super Bowl against his own brother, Travis Kelce.

    In fact, the little girl’s due date was so close to the championship-determining game that Kylie had two OBs travel with her to the Super Bowl just in case she happened to go into labor during the match.

    The expecting mom joked with People that she and her husband talked about giving their third daughter a Super Bowl-related name if she was born that Sunday, sharing the rather… unique moniker suggested by Jason. “We don’t have a name, but my husband keeps making the joke that if she does come while we’re out there that we’ll name her Super, which is one of the most absurd things I’ve ever heard of in life,” Kylie said.

    She added, “We have talked about if she does come out there that we might consider making her initials S.B., or something related to the Super Bowl, just as sort of a tribute.”

  • The Kelce Family Dynamic

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    Beyond Jason and Kylie’s gaggle of girls, the entire Kelce family has a really sweet, supportive dynamic. Ahead of the two brothers facing one another in the 2023 Super Bowl, their mom, Donna, exclusively told SheKnows how proud she was of both boys regardless of the game’s outcome.

    “It’s difficult when you put in that much effort, that many hours, at anything. And to not get the end result you want is very frustrating, of course,” she said. “So there’s nothing that I can say or help them with, to make it any better. All I can do is tell them I love them.”

    Travis, who ultimately won the title with the Kansas City Chiefs, echoed his mom’s feelings. “In a situation like that, there’s not a lot you can say to a loved one,” the NFL tight end said. “You joke around all the time and say that you want to beat your brother on the biggest stage ever, but it’s a weird feeling. There’s nothing really I could say to him, other than I love him and he played a hell of a year, a hell of a season.”

  • The Kelce Kiddos

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    Jason and Kylie married in April 2018 and welcomed Wyatt the following year in early October. Their second daughter, Elliotte, was born in March 2021, and baby Bennett joined the family in February 2023. Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson better watch out because Jason Kelce is coming for their girl dad crown.

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  • Posted on May 29, 2023