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Infections Lodge is now calling for: “We need to allow more contagions”

To reduce the conflict potential in families to keep the economy from a severe crisis of infection Loge Ansgar Lohse to create in the population herd immunity. Immune against the Coronavirus is from the people, but only if you get.

Before the age of 20. April is not repealed, the ban on contact in Germany. The Chancellery chief Helge Braun announced on Saturday, the Vice Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, stated that he wanted to hold on until then, to the measures.

Thus, the spread of the Coronavirus could be slowed down, but the action could also have severe medical consequences. Prior to that, Lohse, the Director of the University hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf warned now Ansgar.

The infection Lodge explained to "Bild": "The care of the mentally ill has become more difficult, the family situation, in confined spaces carries with it an extreme potential for conflict and an economic crisis has a direct effect on mortality." The longer the action lasted, the worse the consequences.

A sensitive project

Therefore, Lohse advised to focus more on the goal of herd immunity. Without a vaccination, he does not count before 2021, could be stopped the uncontrolled spread of the Virus only if a sufficient number of people developing an immunity. "We need to allow those for whom the Virus is the least dangerous, immunize first, by a contagion.", the infection Loge said.


That this was a sensitive project, said Lohse. It ways need to be found to control the development of immunities as safe as possible. Since both children as well as most of the young parents did not belong to the risk group, should day-care centres and schools open again soon.

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Too few measures for nursing homes

However, &quot would have to be protected on the other hand, the risk groups better;We still have too few measures for nursing homes, and outpatient Pflege", the Infection box. Particularly important is also to have the antibody tests available, with which the immunity can be demonstrated.

With his opinion, Lohse is not alone. "I’m with many colleagues from across various disciplines in the discourse, which is similar to denken", he explained. "We agree that we must not only look at Corona. On duration, we are, otherwise a lot of damage."

Many people would suffer and die, because the hospital would no longer beds reduced, because social and medical services worked. In addition, "because people are lonely and others have to live together in crammed, because careers and Existent be at risk."

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