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How to trim the hair on your balls – safely

When it comes to your ‘down there hair’ – tidiness is key.

Neat, trimmed pubic hair can be more attractive for your partner during sex, it can make you feel more confident if you’re wearing tight or short clothing, and you might just feel a bit more groomed and hygienic.

Of course, there is also the theory that shorter pubic hair can make your appendage look bigger… but we couldn’t possibly comment.

If you do decide to trim the hair on your balls, it’s so important that you do it safely. You probably like your balls and they’re definitely the most sensitive part of a man’s body – so proceed with caution.

‘With manscaping a rising trend amongst men of all ages, it is also a very delicate procedure which when done incorrectly, can lead to discomfort, pain and even injury,’ says Dr Abdelaziz Abdelaal, medical advisor for BALLS.

‘Common mistakes men make when grooming their groin include using the wrong equipment, rushing the process and using the wrong technique. Which is why the right tools are an essential aspect to shaving downstairs, alongside attention and care.’

Dr Abdelaziz has helped to create the ultimate guide to trimming your testes – providing the top tips to help ensure a safe and easy shave – from preparation to tools and technique:

Trim in advance

It’s advisable to trim your pubic hair shorter before shaving. Approximately one centimetre is the optimum length, as this will help to make the process easier and cleaner.

Have a hot shower

Having a hot shower before shaving will help lubricate the skin, stimulate blood flow and open the pores, allowing a smoother shaving process.

Use the right tools for the job

When grooming your prized possessions – it would be wise to invest in the right equipment and avoid rusty razors, which can make the process more difficult, more dangerous and less hygienic.

The BALLS Trimmer uses SackSafe™ technology which has been specifically designed to glide over your testicles without causing snags or cuts.

The Hover Technique

In terms of method, ‘The Hover Technique’ is recommended as one of the safest, whilst also one of the fastest for those in a rush.

Simply trim excess hairs carefully using the exposed trimmer with no guard. As there is little pressure on the skin’s surface, you should be able to get an effective trim even if time isn’t on your side.

If you have an electric trimmer, this method means you can shave without the blade even having to come in contact with your skin.

The black ceramic blade you get with BALLS safely trims the hair without any snags, leaving just a small amount of hair left – with no risk of cuts.

The Pulling Technique

‘The Pulling Technique’ is an effective method for those looking for a smooth finish with more time on their hands.

Getting the surface as flat and taut as possible is key to this method.

In addition, it’s advisable to move the skin around and use slow, deliberate strokes. This will result in a safe and smooth shave.

Go slow

It’s also worth remembering that slow and steady wins the race. Be gentle when grooming your groin and don’t rush.

Set some time apart at the weekend to really get in there, don’t try and fit it in during your morning shower before work – you’re more likely to hurt yourself if you’re trying to go too quickly.

So that’s all you need to know for super groomed balls.

Tool up with the right equipment, prepare properly and give yourself plenty of time.

The skin on your balls (and your sexual partners) will thank you.

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  • Posted on March 11, 2020