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Here Are 103 Nicknames to Call Your Boyfriend, Husband, or Partner

Admit it: you’ve probably used a cutesy nickname for a romantic partner at some point in time. Was it pookie? Schnookums? Sexy McSexypants? We don’t judge.

While you might not love the idea of people knowing the goofy nicknames you use with your boyfriend, husband, or partner, rest assured that your pet names are a sign of a healthy relationship. It’s not exactly a popular area of research, but one widely-cited 1993 study in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships found that “satisfied” married couples reported using more nicknames and other private idioms than their “unsatisfied” counterparts.

“If we can’t laugh at ourselves and with each other in the relationship, we’re less likely to sustain that relationship in a positive way over time,” study lead author Carol J. Bruess told Scientific American. Plus, it can warm your partner’s heart to know you picked out a pet name just for him. Anyone can call him Kevin, but only you can call him Mr. Snugglebutt.

Need some inspiration for what to call the man of your dreams? Here are 103 nicknames (in alphabetical order!) for your boyfriend, husband, or partner. If it’s hard to choose, remember, this isn’t like naming a baby: you don’t need to pick one and stick to it forever. Try a few out and see what feels best!

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  • Posted on April 7, 2021