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Gabrielle Union & Daughter Kaavia Have the Cutest Moment When Talking About Beauty Tips & We Can’t Stop Laughing

How do you know if your 4-year-old is retaining your valuable life lessons? Quiz them, of course! Gabrielle Union had an adorable discussion with her daughter Kaavia James (AKA, Shady Baby) about beauty tips, and it was so cute to see the way she processed her mama’s advice.

Union posted a video to Instagram yesterday answering this question: “What is the top beauty tip that you’re passing down to Kaav?” First, she answers, then she lets Kaavia explain in her own words.

“My beauty tip is water and boundaries,” the Truth Be Told actress said in a clip from her Hello Beautiful Feb. 2023 cover interview. Then she cuts to the conversation with her daughter. The two are sitting on a piano bench, Kaavia in a pink shirt and leopard-print leggings and Union in a colorful sequined maxi dress.

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“Drink water. Get healthy… ‘Cause don’t drink good juices every time,” Kaavia explains. Union asks, “But why can’t I have juice?”

“Because you need to drink water,” Kaavia responds, adding, “You don’t want to be any Avatars.”

Union says, “Well, maybe I could be a pretty Avatar?” Shady Baby, with her arms crossed, warns her mama, “When Uncle Thomas comes and you’re an Avatar, Uncle Thomas not going to dress you up.” We are crying laughing. Where does she come up with this stuff?

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“Moral to the story… water yourself, set boundaries, and uncle Thomas will dress you!” Union wrote in the caption, referring to Thomas Christos, an LA stylist who often dresses Union and her husband Dwyane Wade for events.

Christos confirmed the importance of water. “@kaaviajames knows! 😂😂😂,” he commented.

Someone else wrote, “*orders new water bottle and sets therapy appointment to discuss ‘boundaries.’”

At the end of the video, Kaavia plays a little note on the piano to wrap it up, and people noticed. “Not her ending it with a keyboard jingle ‘the more you know’ lolol i know that’s right Kaav,” one person wrote.

“That ding 🛎️ was like a ‘period,’” someone else said.

Kaavia isn’t the only one learning priceless beauty tips from Union. The Bring It On alum has also shared important truths with her stepdaughter Zaya Wade. The 15-year-old recently opened up about her relationship with Union in a cover interview with Dazed.

“It’s about being you and expressing yourself the way you want to,” Zaya said about Union’s tips. “She tries to teach me that beauty standards are arbitrary and that they don’t mean anything. They don’t matter any more; what people thought was the standard is not. And just that being myself is the best technique out there.”

Yes! It’s gotta feel good to teach your daughters these empowering lessons on beauty and self-care, and then hear them reiterate it back perfectly.

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  • Posted on March 17, 2023