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Drew Barrymore Had the Funniest & Most Relatable Reaction to Her Daughters Seeing a Rather Inappropriate Painting

Drew Barrymore has navigated many a situation in her storied lifetime, but stumbling across a massive painting of two people having sex while with her kids is one she wasn’t expecting while on a house tour.

On today’s episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, the actress told a hilarious story about an awkward experience with her 8-and-10-year-old daughters, Frankie and Olive. “Not so long ago, my daughters and I were being given a tour of this person’s apartment and they brought us into the bedroom,” she explained. “There was a painting of two people making love over their bed that was the size of the room, I mean, kudos to the scale of the size of this painting.”

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Barrymore comically reenacted how she and her daughters walked into the room and immediately walked back out upon seeing the painting in all of its sexual splendor, then continued, “We went home and we were like, who is going to mention first that the people have the largest-scale painting — I mean this thing would look diminutive in the Louvre. It was the biggest painting I’ve ever seen. It also grows in my imagination.”

“It was two people sort of Renaissance-style in the missionary position. It’s what this person felt was necessary above their bed,” the E.T. icon concluded with a shrug.

If Barrymore hadn’t broached the sex talk with her girls just yet, the mammoth-sized painting was an ice breaker like no other.

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