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Dr Mosley recommends really simple exercise that could keep your spine young

Dr Michael Mosley on benefits of press ups

Dr Michael Mosley is the voice behind the BBC Radio 4 podcast titled Just One Thing, which focuses on simple lifestyle tips that can make a huge difference to your health.

One tweak the doctor recommended which can be easily incorporated into your daily routine is press-ups and squats.

What’s more, this “really simple” practice could keep your spine 25 years old.

Speaking on ITV’s show, This Morning, the doctor said: “They are really good and simple exercises. If you are going to do anything, [do this].”

The doctor does them every morning with his wife, Claire, who is a GP.

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He continued: “You can roll out of bed – you have to get out of bed at some point in the day – so that’s the point, where we do them.

“We do a few simple press-ups and squats – really good for your muscles and also for your brain because you get a big flow of oxygen to your brain when you do that.”

Another area where these “really simple” exercises can make a difference is your spine.

Don’t just take the doctor’s word for it, as his spine can also confirm the beneficial effects.

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The health guru said: “I had my spine tested recently, I’m 66, and I have the spine of a 25-year-old.

“That’s because I do press-ups. And I haven’t been doing them for that long.”

The doctor revealed he’s been doing this exercise for 10 years in very small amounts over time and building it up.

Now, he’s able to do about 35 to 40 press-ups.

He said: “It’s really simple, you roll out of bed and you do it… you start gradually, you start slowly. You don’t have to do a proper press-up… just on your knees, doing something simple like that.”

The doctor said he does about 20 press-ups and 20 squats, which takes about two minutes of his day.

Dr Mosley added: “It is probably one of the best all-around exercises you can do.

“You can do them in about two minutes. Over and done. And then you get on with the rest of your day.”

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  • Posted on August 11, 2023