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Diet: These foods have a positive effect on the lungs – natural healing naturopathic specialist portal

Study: aging of the lungs can be slowed down through proper nutrition

It is known that the lung function due to age even in healthy people decreases. In a recent international study has now shown, however, that this natural degradation process can be slowed by a healthy diet, apparently.

In various studies, it was shown that the diet can also have effects on the lungs. For example, a diet can be. with a lot of vegetables, fruit and whole-grain products, the risk of Asthma to reduce the Severity of symptoms decrease in case of existing Asthma disease In addition, the right foods can slow down the aging process of the lung.

Tomatoes, Apples and bananas


As the technician health insurance (TK) has reported, has shown to an international study that a healthy diet can slow down the natural aging process of the lungs, apparently.

For the study, the researchers evaluated the data of 680 adults from Germany, the UK and Norway. All Participants in the lung was tested for function at the beginning of the study and after a period of ten years. In addition, they had to fill out a detailed food questionnaire.


According to the study, was the lung function in those Participating at the best, the every day, more than two tomatoes and at least three servings of fresh fruit eaten had – in addition to tomato, especially Apples and bananas.

The results of the research have been published in the journal “European Respiratory Journal”.

Especially former Smoking benefit

The scientists assume that the specific ingredients in fruits and vegetables, such as antioxidants, promote the recovery of lung function.

The information suggests that this positive effect in the case of the former Smoke made be most noticeable, perhaps because the damage will be repaired by nicotine with a lot of fruit and vegetables better.

The daily consumption of fruit and vegetables is not only for the cardiovascular system and intestinal health, but also for lung function is important.

Regular Exercise

In addition to the right diet for a healthy lung, of course, also important to smoke. It is also best if the “Anti-Aging program” is supplemented to the lung through movement and Sport.

As the lung information service of the Helmholtz explains center in Munich, are particularly endurance and fitness sports in combination with muscle building suitable to improve physical performance. This should always be on their own physical fitness adjusted.

Smaller activities in their sum also a positive effect on the health. For example, climbing stairs instead of the Elevator, or walk long distances instead of using the car to drive.

Sports that can improve performance are Going to according to the experts, among other things, brisk/Walking or Nordic Walking, Running and Jogging, Cycling (to Swim home on the Ergometer/exercise bike), Hiking and cross-country skiing, cross-country skiing, Inline Skating, and also Dancing.

The lung information service, suggests that healthy adults should operate according to the world health organization (WHO) per week at least 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous physical activity. (ad)

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  • Posted on June 24, 2020