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COVID-19: Use of blood-thinning drugs is still unclear – Naturopathy naturopathy specialist portal

Autopsies of COVID-19-deceased: the lungs and other organs damaged

By the novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 induced disease COVID-19 can not only cause severe lung inflammation, but also blood clots in the lung cause and, subsequently, other organs such as the kidneys, liver and pancreas damage. The Use of blood thinners for the prevention and treatment of these thromboses is not clarified, according to the researchers yet.

At the beginning of the pandemic, the novel Coronavirus SARS designated CoV-2, often as a respiratory virus. But in the meantime, scientific studies have shown that it is the causative agent of a “multi-organ virus” that affects many organs and often leads to thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. The autopsies of COVID-19-late show.

Multiple organs are damaged

According to a recent communication from the Medical University (MedUni) of Vienna COVID solves-19 not only severe lung from inflammation, but can also cause thrombosis in the lung and subsequently other organs such as the kidneys, liver and pancreas damage.

The have shown the results of a first large series of autopsies in Austria, which were carried out in the framework of a study on the pathology of the state hospital of Graz II location West in cooperation with the Medical University of Graz, Johannes Kepler University of Linz and the medical University of Vienna.

The study was published in the journal “the Journal Annals of Internal Medicine” and with an Editorial appreciated.

Damage to the lungs are the starting point of the disease

As Sigurd Lax, Professor of pathology at the Johannes Kepler University in Linz and Director of the Institute for pathology of the state hospital of Graz, II, Academic teaching hospital of the medical University of Graz, explains, is not COVID-19 to clean the lung-damaging disease.

The doctors conducted autopsies on COVID-19-deceased, and evaluated the results of the first eleven cases, together with his Grazer Team up with colleagues in the departments of Internal medicine and anesthesiology of the LKH Graz – II, the diagnostic and research Institute for Hygiene, Microbiology and environmental medicine of the medical University of Graz, the Institute for hospital hygiene and Microbiology of the KAGes, and Michael Trauner of the University clinic for Internal medicine III at the MedUni Vienna and says:

“Our study shows that, although the damage to the lungs are the starting point of the disease, but the consequences are frequently thrombosis in the pulmonary circulation and other organs are damaged.”

Rapidly progressive failure of the lung function and circulation

Thrombosis (vascular blockage by blood clots) can be sealed, such as during a heart attack, and stroke vessels directly and lead to tissue death (infarction).

At COVID-19, it comes directly into the alveoli to inflammation, the Mitreaktion in the small arteries, however, seems to trigger often the blood clotting, which may result, especially in patients patients with pre-existing diseases of the cardiovascular system to a slowing of the pulmonary circulation and, in consequence, to further thrombosis in the lungs.

According to the experts, it comes to a rapidly progressing failure of the lung function and circulation as the direct cause of death in the case of COVID-19.

At COVID-19 a number of other organs such as kidney, liver, pancreas, adrenal gland as well as lymphatic System affected.

“We see that it is COVID-19 to a serious infectious disease that affects the entire organism,” says Michael Trauner.

Whether it can occur in Survivors of severe gradients to long-term damage of the organs affected, is currently still unclear. Other reports of patients who suffered COVID-19 thrombosis in the leg veins with pulmonary embolism, and stroke, showing that the increased tendency to Thrombosis in COVID-19 has a far-reaching impact.

Further studies are necessary

The role of coagulation inhibitors, the so-called “blood thinners” for the prevention and treatment of this thrombosis is not yet clarified, since the clinically treated patients, and patients are already supplied a preventive blood-thinning medication, this could not prevent, however, the COVID-19-typical thrombosis in the series, highlight the intensive care physician from the LKH Graz II.

The findings of the study support the claim of coagulation specialists to a generous and timely indication for thrombosis prophylaxis, even in the case of non-hospitalized patients.

As stated in the notice, will have to investigate further studies, when and to what extent a therapeutic blood dilution, depending on the laboratory findings and imaging is useful.

According to the researchers, follow-up studies are necessary, the systemic and local mechanisms in the pulmonary circulation enlighten, the lead to thrombosis inclinations, in order to develop new, effective therapies. (ad)

  • Posted on May 25, 2020