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COVID-19: Continue to contact restrictions, are allowed small shops to open – Naturopathy naturopathy specialist portal

Coronavirus: schools to open in early may, again, small businesses may now

How it’s supposed to go with the measures to control infections with the new Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, has been decided by the Chancellor today, together with the governments of the German länder. For the time being, most of the measures are, therefore, to 03. May continue, but, for example, smaller shops may open from the Monday.

“Guiding principles for the adaptation of the rules is the goal to ensure the success of the last few weeks,” says the communication from the Federal government. Therefore, since mid-March, current contact constraints are, in principle, up to 3. May 2020 extended. Then, for example, the step operation will be resumed. Smaller shops may open earlier. Large-scale events, however, remain until at least the end of August is prohibited. In addition, the Federal government should support the countries and the physicians ‘ associations in the procurement of medical protection equipment.

What steps have been decided?

Several steps were decided by the Chancellor, as well as the representatives of the state governments. Here is an Overview of the most important points:

  • Of the school from 4. May gradually resume first priority for completion of classes and qualifications relevant to the vintages and the last grade of primary school.
  • Exams and exam preparations for the graduating classes of this school year is to again take place.
  • Conference of Ministers of education has commissioned up to 29. April a concept for further steps to submit, as the lessons can be resumed.
  • Emergency care will continue, and other professional groups Needs to be extended.
  • Stores up to 800 sq. m. of selling space, as well as, regardless of the sales area, Car dealers, bike dealers and bookshops can re-open, but subject to conditions, to Hygiene, to control the entry and to avoid queues.
  • Hairdressing establishments should be prepared under the same conditions and using personal protective clothing 4. May resume operation.
  • Gatherings in churches, mosques and synagogues as well as religious festivities and events first continue to remain prohibited.
  • Citizens are called upon to refrain from private trips and visits continue.
  • Major events are at least up to the 31. August 2020 prohibited.
  • The use of protective masks, especially in public transport and while shopping in the retail sector is strongly recommended.

Additional staff resources to health service

“To see in the future, chains of Infection in a fast, targeted testing, to ensure a complete contact tracking and to supervise the Concerned professional will be created in the public health services, considerable additional staff resources, at least a Team of 5 persons per 20,000 inhabitants”, so another point of decision.

Apps for contact tracing

To be able to contacts with the Infected as quickly as possible to understand, it is also provided the use of a digital “contact tracing” by means of Apps. A template is the “Pan-European Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing”, because it followed a pan-European approach, in compliance with European and German data protection rules and only epidemiologically relevant contacts for the last three weeks of anonymized on the mobile phone of the user without the detection of the motion profile stores. The use of the App should remain on a voluntary basis.

“The high dynamics of the spread of the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) in Germany in the first half of March has led to the Federal government and the Länder for the citizens of drastic restrictions have had to have in order to protect people against the infection and to avoid Overtaxing the health system. The vast majority of the population, comply with these measures with common sense and patience, and especially those that care for the practical implementation of the measures and, of course, those in the health system, their service, our hearty thanks go to“, the notification of the Federal government. (fp)

  • Posted on April 17, 2020