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Corona-crisis: Five tips for mental wellbeing – Naturopathy naturopathy specialist portal

Mental health in times of Corona-crisis strengths

The uncertainties, Fears and social Isolation in the Wake of the Corona-crisis can affect the mental well-being greatly. The German society for psychiatry and psychotherapy, psychosomatics and neurology (DGPPN) has put together five recommendations to strengthen the mental well-being in these difficult times.

The social contacts were reduced to a Minimum, in the media, new horrors always come news, everything about the new Coronavirus and it is possible with others about their own Fears and Worries to replace missing. Thus, the Corona-crisis is fast becoming a crisis for the own well-being. But it is active against taxes. The DGPPN has been able to strengthen five tips on how you mental health in the current Situation.

In spite of the Corona-crisis soul remain in balance

Understandably, the outbreak of the new Coronavirus SARS power-CoV-2 many people fear, and by the drastic restrictions in everyday life increases the mental stress in addition. “With the crisis Situation to deal with it is helpful, but it is not crucial to lose the mental balance”, the DGPPN. Here are the five recommendations of the expert company should help:

1. Properly inform

Only trust sources of information such as information of the Federal Ministry of health, the Robert Koch Institute or the world worthy of make use of health organization. Because there are many circulating false reports to the Coronavirus, which can unnecessarily unsettle and scare. Furthermore, excessive media consumption should be avoided, since, for example, to push the cause of messages on the phone or constantly-running news broadcasts Stress and Worry can increase. “Check regularly, but be aware,” says the note of the DGPPN.

2. Positive Everyday Design

First of all, daily routine can help processes with fixed times for sleep and meals to maintain internal stability. The DGPPN advises, for example, when Working from home similar times as in the workplace. Furthermore, activities and habits are important, and can contribute to the physical and emotional wellbeing, such as healthy meals, adequate sleep, exercise (if necessary exercises in the gym in the apartment) and activities that are fun and good.

3. Sharing with others and willingness to help

Although the contact face is not restricted to the face of currently strong, but there are many ways to still keep in contact with each other. The sharing with friends and family members about Concerns, feelings, and the practical handling of the crisis can relieve enormous and reduce Stress. The possibility of video calls over smart phone or Computer should be used, if possible. The solidarity and willingness to help each other is another point. Who takes, for example, shopping or run errands for older neighbors, will not only help them, but will also be rewarded yourself with positive feelings, because he/she is able to do something meaningful.

4. Feelings, not repress positive feelings strengthen

Each participant experienced in the current Situation, feelings of Overload, Stress and Worry, and these are quite normal reactions. Such feelings we should acknowledge and ourselves to be – but at the same time not too much in the negative feelings inside will increase. Instead, focus particularly on the thoughts, experiences, and activities that trigger positive feelings, such as, for example, the beautiful music or the phone call to old friends.

5. In case of emergency, seek professional help

Anyone who feels burdened mentally, and the feeling has to be able to Worries and Fears are not alone, you should seek professional help. The DGPPN announced here, family physicians, outpatient departments of hospitals and psycho-social counselling as a suitable first points of contact. For a proper diagnosis and a comprehensive, specialized treatment to be more pronounced and persistent mental complaints specialist doctors for psychiatry and psychotherapy is the right person. Given the current Situation, will currently also expanded the offerings of telephone and Video consultation in this area.

Overall, it is quite normal that the Psyche is made in the current Situation, special challenges and a lot of people have difficulty in adjust to the new Situation. Anyone can use the recommendations of the DGPPN, to the threat of impairment of the mental well-being to counteract the active. In addition, you can find more helpful tips in our post Corona-Isolation: Successful tips to combat the “cabin fever”.(fp)

  • Posted on April 1, 2020