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COVID-19: mortality rate by mechanical ventilation increases – Naturopathy naturopathy specialist portal

The Intubation is the correct treatment method for COVID-19?

Mechanical ventilation (Intubation) is considered to be a last resort, in order to save seriously ill COVID-19-Affected. Two studies, however, show that the mortality rate is for such treatment to be unusually high. As a result, around half of, in China, even two-thirds of the patients received in the course of a COVID-19-disease mechanical ventilation died in England. Thus, the risk of death is far above the ventilations performed as a result of other virus diseases.

The “Intensive Care National Audit and Research centre” (ICNARC) recently published a Report, in the data of 2.883 Patients with severe COVID-19-gradients are evaluated. All the victims were treated in the UK on a intensive care unit. The results showed that the mortality rate in those who received artificial ventilation, is located at 51.6 percent – much higher than other Virsuspneumonien. “The ICNARC report on COVID-19 in critical care” can be found on the website of the ICNARC.

Ventilation mortality rate for COVID-19 higher than usual

A mechanical ventilation (Intubation) is also diseases in severe cases of another virus, such as Influenza, are used, if a lung inflammation (pneumonia) is present. The average 30-day mortality with such treatment is, according to the ICNARC 22 percent. Around four out of five victims survive, so such a treatment.

About every second Person dies in the case of artificial respiration

The latest Report of the ICNARC shows that, in 1689, completed intubation, carried out as a result of severe COVID-19-diseases, 871 people were killed and 818, alive were released. This results in a 30-day mortality of 51.6 per cent in this group. An even more dramatic image features a smaller case series from Wuhan. Here, 32 out of 52 Patients died in the ICU. This results in a mortality rate of 62.5 percent.

Age as a key risk factor

Much better the chances of Survival for those who do not require Intubation. Here, the mortality rate was 19.4 percent – significantly lower than in the case of a mechanical ventilation. The most important factor for the Survival of the severe gradients of the age is. Only 27.1 percent of the patients over 80 years survived the ventilator. Among the 70 – to 79-Year-old survived 31.3 percent. In the age group 60 to 69 years, 43.6 percent of those Affected live were dismissed, and in the 50 to 59-Year-olds, 58.9 percent.

Alternatives to mechanical ventilation

The results suggest that the treatment of severe cases must be improved. A small Chinese study showed, for example, the disease in severe COVID-19-the prone position improves breathing.

Various media reports from the United States, according to go many Physicians and Doctors due to the high mortality in the mechanical ventilation to alternative methods. So should be relieved by position changes, the Breathing and the lungs relieved. In addition, some of the medicine inside and doctors larger quantities of oxygen, with the addition of nitric oxide through the nose to feed. Currently, there are no reliable data as to whether such methods are effective. (vb)

  • Posted on April 18, 2020