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British in turmoil: Against the abuses of the verb of the Tönnies-scandal let even

The Covid-19-pandemic keeps the world in breath. More than 11 million people have been infected with the novel Coronavirus, 196.304 of them in Germany. Over half a Million casualties since the disease Covid-19 already.

A textile company in the city of Leicester has contributed during the corona crisis largely to increase it, by respecting all the Hygiene – and-distance rules. The Rechercen the “Times”.

The newspaper had on the inside a employees hidden in the factory, which produces Goods for Boohoo, a British fashion company. Three and a half pounds per hour, the employees receive the legal minimum wage in England for Over-25-Year-old is 8,72 pounds.

The factory had also continued during the lock downs, the operating. Distance rules there were, obviously, not, protection masks, they found only a few.

Worse still, The “Labour Behind the Label”organization – a group that campaigns for workers’ rights – to-come reports, employees had been forced, in spite of proven Covid-19-disease, to work. Employees who have refused have been threatened with the strike of the – already very low – wages.

In a sewing factory with about 80 employees there had been, therefore, 15 cases of Covid-19. The British interior Minister, Priti Patel, described the approach as “modern slavery”.

As a reaction to the incidents, several large fashion suppliers have separated from Boohoo, including Zalando. Leicester, the town in which the affected companies are located, is due to a further strong rise in Corona currently Pay back in the Lockdown. Boohoo, which sells exclusively online, was able to increase its unit sales in the Corona-crisis.

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Herber is a drop in temperature due to the polar cold air, but the summer is coming back

The Weather Channel Herber drop in temperature due to the polar cold air, but the summer is coming back


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  • Posted on July 8, 2020