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Breaststroke: the muscles are relieved of Naturopathy naturopathic specialist portal

Back fitness in the fresh air

Swimming is on the list of back-friendly sport types close to the top. However, each swimming style is not equally good for the back and you can make mistakes. Professionals explain why they could swim should dive at the Breast from time to time below. Do you have more tips to come with fittem back by the summer.

Warm temperatures, rays of sunshine and fresh air: In summer motion brings in more fun than going to the reopened gym or Home Workouts. Opportunities to move Outdoors, there are many – however, not every sport is equally friendly. The Aktion Gesunder rücken (AGR) e. V. explained in a communication, such as the summer of sports does the back good.

The relief of the muscles

Movement in the water feels good, especially in the heat of summer, and is joint-friendly and back-friendly. The backstroke is considered the healthiest swimming style, so the EGR in an older message, but the chest is widely used to swim the farthest and is the most common.

The symmetrical movements promote, regardless of swimming style for a healthy back. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to note a few things. So, it is in the breast swimming makes sense to immerse the monotony, break through, and between times to go into hiding. Meanwhile, the head stretched and extend the spine so the muscles are relieved.

When swimming freestyle, the focus is not to burden the shoulders due to the frequent arm movements too much. This works, in the case of the side breathing not only the head but the whole body is rotated.

And during the backstroke, the head should not be placed too far to the rear. Who doesn’t like to swim, you can also try Aqua aerobics. This has according to the experts, and the positive effects on muscles and joints.

Yoga and back Workouts

Yoga strengthens specifically the back and speaks to specific muscle groups. In addition, the combination of gentle movements and conscious not to Breathe only articulated, but relaxed and makes for a balanced mind. In the summer you can do Yoga or back Workouts very well Outdoors. Because whether in the garden or in the Park – space for a sports Mat is everywhere and at the same time Vitamin D can be tanked.

Jogging and Nordic Walking

Those who like it more active, you can look for a nice route out. While Jogging, the back is trained and it can even act as a preventive measure. At the same time, but the intervertebral discs and joints are loaded. Before it starts, according to the AGR stabilization exercises like the Plank for a strong core makes sense. Stretching can loosen the existing tension.

In addition to appropriate running shoes that are focused on their own running style, according to the experts, the running technique is crucial. Many people put on with the heel or the ball of the foot on the ground, thereby facilitating back problems. Stress on the midfoot, cushioning the Jogging forces better.

Anyone who already has back problems, or suffers from excess weight, should better put on Nordic Walking. This brings the circulation going. Uniform movement, as well as the use of the sticks work in addition to joint-gentle. Hiking is also available and makes for good summer weather, double the fun. If you like, also uses trekking poles to relieve such as Nordic Walking muscles and joints. (ad)

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  • Posted on July 13, 2020