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Best sports bras for running deals

Finding the best sports bras for running deals are a great way to protect your breasts from damage as you run – without breaking the bank. Because your breasts don’t contain any muscles and are just supported by skin and ligaments, it’s important to choose a bra that provides the correct support.

Dr Emma Ross, an expert in women’s physiology and founder and CEO of The Well HQ, told Live Science, “Breasts can move up to 14cm when we are exercising, and that movement impacts not just your breast health, but also your exercise performance. Breast movement has been shown to cost a runner a mile over a marathon, because of how much it affects stride length during running.”

Without the right sports bras for running, you can cause irreversible damage – your boobs can end up getting stretched which can cause pain and sagging, yet most women don’t wear the right bra when they run.

“80% of women are in an ill-fitting sports bra,” says Dr Ross. “40% don’t wear the most suitable design of sports bra for their breast size, shape and sport, and for 37% of women with larger breasts, they are the reason they aren’t active.”

There’s a bewildering array of sports bras for running deals out there, and it can be hard to know which is right for you. Prices range from just a few dollars to many hundreds at the designer end, but you should be able to pick up sports bras for running deals that suit your budget.

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Which sports bra for running is best for you?

If you’re shopping for sports bras for running deals, start by checking that the bra is designed for high-impact activity. Many of the sports bras on the market are only made for low or medium-impact activity, and these will not give you the support you need (even if you have small breasts).

Think about how much you’re prepared to spend. There’s a wide variety in price from just a few dollars to several hundred and the very cheapest may not be the best quality, but with a bit of shopping around you should find a running bra to match your budget. 

Is it important to you to find a sports bra made sustainably? There are more and more on the market made from recycled or organic materials, although be aware that many sustainably made sports bras are not designed for running and some contain only a tiny percentage of sustainable materials.

Do you need a bra that has a pocket for your phone or keys? Again, many sports bras with pockets are only suitable for minimum impact activities so won’t work as running bras.

Finally, consider how much the appearance of your sports bra matters to you. Most running bras are pretty chunky and favor function over form, but you can find some that look good as well as giving you the support you need.

Best sports bras for running deals

Sweaty Betty Ultra Run – was $68, now $40.80 at Nordstrom
This high-impact support sports bra is designed for running and cross-training, featuring breathable mesh panels for added ventilation. If you needed convincing further, this sports bra is currently 40% off!

Sweaty Betty All Train – was $88, now $52.80 at Nordstrom
Made out of 77% polyamide and 23% elastane, this sports bra features high-impact support and a compressive fit that’s designed for running and cross-training. It features a scoop-beck and a crossed, cutout back. 

Parfait Power Fit Convertible – was $58, now $34.80 at Nordstrom
This sports bra features medium-impact support and is designed for running, training and cardio. It has adjustable, convertible straps and moisture-wicking foam cups for comfort and support. 

Sweaty Betty Stamina – was $40, now $24 at Nordstrom
Want a medium-impact support sports bra with wide straps and racerback styling? This Sweaty Betty sports bra could be the one for you! However, be warned, this product only supports up to a C-cup. 

Puma x Goop – was $65, now $39 at Nordstrom
This Puma sports bra was created in partnership with Goop and features a scoop neck and breathable mesh for ventilation. It has medium-impact support and ellaVATE moisture-wicking fabric. 

Nike Dri-Fit Swoosh Ultrabreathe – was $70, now $42 at Nordstrom
This sports bra from Nike features two types of breathable mesh to help keep you cool during your workouts and medium-impact support. It also has removable soft cups and Dri-Fit moisture-wicking technology.

Best sports bras for running on sale

Run In Zip Front Sports bra deals

Zella Run In Zip Front Sports bra

Best stylish sports bra for running

Material: : 79% polyester, 21% spandex | Size range: : XS, S, M, L, X | Level of support: : high-impact support | Fastening: : front zip

Unusually attractive for a high-impact sports bra, this bra delivers on style while offering all the support you need from a sports bra for running. It is made from a fun, tortoiseshell print and features a classic racerback. It’s not available in individual cup sizes which may be a problem if you’re not a standard size.

It’s a shame it doesn’t come in more colors, but it’s still a great-looking bra. Front-fasteners divide opinion – some people find them much easier to put on than a back-fastener or pullover bra, especially if they have shoulder problems, but other people find a front zip hard to do up. 

Best of all – and unusually for a sports bra of any kind – it’s machine washable and can be tumble dried, so you can just toss it in the wash with the rest of your spandex!

Brooks Drive 3 pocket run bra deals 

Brooks Drive 3 pocket run bra

Best sports bra for running with pocket for phone or keys

Material: 72% polyester: 72% polyester, 28% spandex | Size range: : 30A/B – 39D/E | Level of support: : high-impact compression support | Fastening: : pullover

This cute-as-a-button, brightly-colored bra in a lovely range of colors enables you to bring all your essentials with you on your run. With a generous phone pocket big enough for a full-sized smartphone and two mesh pockets at the sides, you can fit in a credit card and your keys. The seams are bonded so they shouldn’t chafe.

This is a compression-style running bra, so it might feel a little strange if you’re used to a more traditional encapsulation bra, but it is designed to provide enough support for running – this may be why it’s not available in larger sizes. Some people find a pullover style hard to get on and off.

Hand-washing is encouraged but not essential (there are instructions for machine washing), but it’s so pretty you’ll want to make it last. 

Kalenji comfort running bra deals 

Kalenji comfort running bra

Best budget sports bra for running

Material: : spandex, polyester cationic and polyamide | Size range: : A/B – E/F | Level of support: high-impact support: high-impact support | Fastening: : adjustable straps and triple back clasp

If you want a standard, no-frills sports bra that does what it says on the tin, this is the one for you. Suitable for running and high-impact sports, it’s designed to be comfortable and practical and looks pretty decent, too.

It’s said to run small and some reviewers complain that it isn’t true to size, so take care in choosing your size (if you’re buying for a low-impact sport, you’re advised to size up). It’s a shame that this bra doesn’t come in larger sizes as it provides the level of support and coverage that larger women look for in a sports bra. A range of colors would be a nice addition, too.

Adidas Ultimate Bra deals 

Adidas Ultimate Bra

Best sustainable sports bra for running

Material: : 79% recycled polyester / 21% elastane interlock | Size range: : 30B – 38DD | Level of support: : high-impact support | Fastening: : front zip with adjustable straps

There are plenty of sports bras that are described as sustainable but contain only a tiny fraction of recycled or sustainable materials. This one has an impressive 79% of recycled polyester so earns its sustainable credentials. It’s also suitable for high-impact activities, unlike many of the sustainable sports bras on the market. 

It’s a nice-looking bra, featuring a cross-over back with adjustable straps and a front zip for easy fastening. It’s machine washable and made of breathable fabric. It would be good to see it in some colors other than just black, and the size range is a little odd – the largest sizes are 40B and 38DD. A better range of larger sizes would be welcome.

Glamorise full figure plus size no bounce camisole elite sports bra deals

Glamorise full figure plus size no-bounce camisole elite sports bra wire-free

Best sports bra for running for the fuller figure

Material: : 70% Polyester, 25% Polyamide, 5% Elastane | Size range: : 34C – 50H | Level of support: : high-impact support | Fastening: : front zip with adjustable straps

Fuller figures are often poorly served by sports bra manufacturers with limited ranges of sizes and insufficient support – many women end up wearing two bras when they run. This plus-size bra could be the answer.

It comes in sizes from 34C up to 50H, although some users reported difficulty finding the correct size, so do measure carefully before you buy. It lacks significant padding in the cups, but the shoulders are padded which is a welcome feature for comfort.

It’s machine washable, reasonably priced and comes in a good range of colors and patterns – also a rarity in plus-size sports bras.

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  • Posted on November 6, 2021