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Pinworm infection in children

Pinworms cause the world’s most common worm disease of man. Children are particularly often with these parasites, because they touch everything, and often in the mouth. Experts explain, what are the symptoms of a pinworm infection instructions on how to get infected and what can be done about it.

If children about severe itching, and occasionally pain complaints in the Anus (especially at night) and may even be small white worms in the feces are visible, then it is likely that you have an infection with grub worms – the most common worm disease, explains the Federal centre for health education (BZgA) on the Internet portal “kindergesundheit-info.de”.

How to become infected


According to the experts, pinworms are about three to twelve millimeters long, and sit on the mucous membrane of the intestine. At night, the females move out of the intestinal output, in the folds around the Anus to lay their eggs, hence the violent nightly itching.

The BZgA, according to the infection with ascarides are usually held in the left over traces of infected Shit, (for example, in earth or Sand, but also to objects such as a toy) in the mouth.


In addition, the infection through food contaminated with feces (for example lettuce) can be transferred. Children, in particular, to put themselves again by scratching your Butt and then the worm eggs get on the fingers in the mouth.

Infections are often harmless

Pinworm infections are usually completely harmless, often they are not even noticed. By the itching in the Anus, it is not rare to sleep disorders, which can manifest itself in fatigue, lack of concentration, and the Like. In addition, it can according to the BZgA to the following complications:

  • In individual cases, this can result in inflammation in the intestinal mucosa.
  • By the to Scratch, it can sores on the anus, and inflammation or eczema to come. In the case of girls and women the inflammation can spread to the reproductive organs, and can lead to vaginal discharge.
  • In cases of particularly heavy infestation with Ascarides, also abdominal cramps or peritonitis can occur.

Evidence of infection

As the technician health insurance (TK) declared, set Physicians, the diagnosis usually on the basis of the Affected and / or the parents described in the complaints. In most cases, the worms in the stool can be seen with the naked eye. Sometimes you can find in the sheets or in his pyjamas, dead worms. With adhesive tape worm can be eggs from the area around the Anus, and then, under the microscope, shown to decreased.

Strictly on the Hygiene

The suspected infection with Ascarides, in the case of a child, a children’s and youth’s doctor or a pediatrician should be consulted. At best, a strip of adhesive tape is already used, the Test is made and the adhesive strip, for example, in a sealed glass, with the practice brought.

The TK, a treatment with worm-killing drugs is carried out. The therapy, which usually takes a few days to a week, is usually well tolerated. In addition to the worm, means some home remedies can be given against worms such as pumpkin seeds or coconut oil supportive. Also at night is recommended tight-fitting underwear to prevent the child Scratching.

In General, is advised in the case of ascarides, when the whole family is the deworming, because a close contact individuals (may or may not have is also outside of the family) with a high probability of also.

According to the BZgA, it is in the case of infections with Ascarides especially important to be very strict on the Hygiene:

  • Frequent Hand Washing
  • Daily Change of bed linen
  • The washing and bedding at at least 60° degrees Celsius
  • Short of the finger cut nails

Since the infection can be done with grub worms, also due to Inhalation of the “dust eggs”, which are, for example, shakes with the bed linen up, not pinworm infections but according to the TK itself to prevent the best Hygiene one hundred percent. (ad)

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  • Posted on July 7, 2020