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8 Affordable Products on Amazon to Help You Improve Your Posture

Let’s face it: We’re a society of slouchers. Whether we’re at our desks for 40 hours a week or peering down at our phones for just as long (if not longer!) we are in serious trouble of impacting our back health, including condemning us to some horrible posture. Poor posture doesn’t just look bad, but it can also lead to back pain, rounded shoulders, balance issues, and headaches.

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“Maintaining good posture can go a long way in terms of benefit for individuals’ quality of life,” Dr. Rahul Shah, MD, a board-certified orthopedic spine and neck surgeon, tells SheKnows. “Of those folks who we treat and improve overall posture, I have observed increased energy, more endurance with daily activities of walking and moving around, and increased ability to engage with everyday life.”

While we all could do better with improving our posture, according to Shah, there are several groups of people who can especially benefit from posture and back support, including officer workers who spend prolonged periods sitting at a desk, pregnant people, elderly people, people with injuries or chronic conditions, and anyone who spend hours driving in a vehicle.

Below are some effective and affordable products that you can find on Amazon that are designed to help improve your posture so you can sit up a little straighter and feel good about doing so.

  • BestOffice Home Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair

    Image Credit: Amazon

    Ergonomic chairs promote good posture by allowing proper alignment of the shoulders, hips, and spine. At under $50 with a variety of colors, this home office chair option is pretty much a steal. When buying an ergonomic chair, Shah recommends adjustable seat height, lumbar support, and a comfortable seat material. Check, check, check! 

    BestOffice Home Office Chair Ergonomic Desk Chair$43
    Buy now

  • Tangkula Mobile Standing Desk

    For those who spend a lot of time at a desk, standing desks can help maintain a good posture, says Shah. He recommends looking for a desk that has adjustability to switch between sitting and standing, like this one from Tangkula. Not only is it ergonomic but it’s also large enough to hold your laptop and office supplies and compact, making it perfect for small spaces. 

    Tangkula Mobile Standing Desk $70
    Buy now

  • Upright GO 2 Premium | Posture Corrector Trainer & Tracker

    Image Credit: Amazon

    If you’re someone who loves to track your steps, sleep, and nutrition on your phone, then you’ll probably want to go for this posture corrector trainer and tracker that helps track your progress and keeps accurate stats on your posture throughout the day. Need a little reminder about keeping your back straight? You can also select your device to gently vibrate whenever you slouch. 

    Upright GO 2 Premium | Posture Corrector Trainer & Tracker$65
    Buy now

  • Panduo Lumbar Support Pillow

    Image Credit: Amazon

    Shah loves a lumbar support pillow because it can be used by virtually anyone who sits for long periods, including office workers, drivers, and pregnant women and provide additional support to the lower back, which helps posture alignment. When purchasing, Shah recommends considering the material (should be firm yet comfortable) and whether it fits well with your chairs. This memory foam pillow from Panduo is cushiony and easy to clean, and pretty much fits everywhere.  

    Panduo Lumbar Support Pillow $26
    Buy now

  • Tianfucen Neck Brace

    Image Credit: Amazon

    If you suffer from “text neck,” which is basically neck pain and misalignment due to always checking your phone, or have a more serious neck injury, you might want to try a neck brace like this one. It supports the chin through the chin rest and serves as a reminder not to bow your head excessively, which is good for correcting poor posture.

    Tianfucen Neck Brace $36
    Buy now

  • MYH Back Brace

    Image Credit: Amazon

    Shah says back braces are helpful for athletes, people with injuries, or those with chronic conditions and can help support and stabilize the back by also improving posture. This back brace option from Amazon can be worn under clothing, and apparently wearing it for only one to two hours a day will show signs of improvement. If possible, though, Shah recommends getting a proper fit and consult with a healthcare provider to ensure it’s suitable for your condition. 

    MYH Back Brace $35
    Buy now

  • Primasole Exercise Ball

    Image Credit: Amazon

    Love an at-home workout? Shah recommends an exercise ball for strengthening the core muscles, which in turn can improve posture and alleviate back pain. He notes choosing a size appropriate for your height. This option comes with an inflator, cap, cap opener, paper tape measure, as well an array of colors. 

    Primasole Exercise Ball$12
    Buy now

  • Maternity Support Belt

    According to Shah, pregnancy belts can provide much-needed relief from back pain for anyone who is pregnant. Shah says it’s important to get one that’s adjustable to accommodate growth throughout pregnancy and is made from a comfortable, breathable material.

    Maternity Support Belt$14
    Buy now

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  • Posted on June 27, 2023