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10 Iconic TV Moms Who Had the Best Parenting Advice

TV moms may be fictional figures who enter our lives through a screen in our living rooms, but they’re bigger role models than you may think.

From The Brady Bunch‘s Carol Brady to black-ish‘s Rainbow Johnson, TV moms show us how to navigate complex situations, offer wise words that expand our perspectives, and bring us comfort when we need it most. Whether they’re sharing advice with fellow parents or trying to impart wisdom to their on-screen kids, we were there listening to it all, thinking of ways to apply their truth nuggets to our own lives.

Spanning the 1970s through today, the following TV moms made us want to be more like them, and some even made us feel seen as the mothers we are. Scroll on to reminisce about some of television’s most iconic moms and read the quotes that made them household names today.

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  • Posted on February 20, 2023