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Type 2 diabetes: The best natural supplement to help balance blood sugar levels

Type 2 diabetes occurs when too much blood sugar (glucose) is circulating in the bloodstream. Get things back on track with the help of a natural supplement.

Dr Sarah Brewer recommends CuraLin – a natural supplement created by CuraLife.

“Medicine is moving away from the old paradigm of ‘diagnose and treat’ towards one of ‘self-help and prevent,'” said Dr Brewer.

For those with glucose intolerance or type 2 diabetes, Dr Brewer suggests: “CuraLin could make the difference you’re looking for.”


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This is especially true if you’re managing the condition by diet and lifestyle alone (without medication), and blood sugar readings aren’t currently improving.

Dr Brewer explained: “The blend of 10 Ayurvedic herbs within CuraLin have a range of beneficial effects on glucose control and metabolism.

“Bitter melon, for example, contains a chain of amino acids known as polypeptide-p.

“[This] is structurally similar to insulin and can reduce glucose levels, reduce glucose absorption from the diet and reduce the production of glucose in the liver, so that blood glucose levels improve.”

The medical professional continued: “Others, such as turmeric, fenugreek and amla fruit improve insulin release from the pancreas or activate insulin receptors to reduce insulin resistance.”

She added: “CuraLin, as a herbal medicine, has very few side effects.

“That’s because it has very low levels of 10 different herbs in it, and together they work in several different way to improve glucose control.”

The doctor protested that “many people find their glucose control normalises within four weeks”.

However, she warns people on medication for type 2 diabetes should check with their doctor if it’s okay to take CuraLin.

Addressing one of the main factors behind type 2 diabetes, Dr Brewer confirmed the link between obesity and the condition.

“A build-up of fat within tissues leads to increasing insulin resistance.

“Fat accumulation within the pancreas affects the synthesis and release of insulin, while fatty liver changes lead to disordered metabolism and an increased production of new glucose within the liver.”


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Dr Brewer continued: “This combination, if not addressed through diet and lifestyle changes, can progress from impaired glucose tolerance to type 2 diabetes.”

Moreover, recent research has pointed towards the “protein kinase C epsilon” to be “involved in the development of insulin resistance”.

Until more studies are conducted on that protein, Dr Brewer advises people to “make diet and lifestyle changes”.

Specifically, “drink tea – whether black, green or oolong – [it] contains antioxidants that increase insulin sensitivity”, said Dr Brewer.

She elaborated and said that tea has “beneficial effects on the liver to decrease glucose and fatty acid synthesis”.

Additionally, Dr Brewer supports food swaps, exchanging carbohydrates with “healthy monounsaturated fats”.

For instance, switching carbs for avocado, almonds and macadamia nuts.

She also recommends choosing foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as oil fish and walnuts.

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  • Posted on May 31, 2020