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These Pocket-Sized Face Mask Holders Will Help Keep Your Mask Clean On the Go

As the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention continue to recommend wearing a face mask during the coronavirus pandemic, mask accessories have started appearing. From mask chains to mask extenders, these accessories are meant to help make wearing one a little more comfortable and sanitary. More recently, face mask storage containers have slowly started to appear on the market to keep your mask clean when it’s not in use, like these mask holders from Evolvetogether. 

In case you’re not familiar with Evolvetogether, it’s the brand behind Hollywood’s most popular disposable face masks right now. Tons of celebs, including Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, Katie Holmes, Justin Bieber, and more, have been spotted sporting them. In addition to its disposable masks, the brand also makes sustainable mask keepers. The mask accessory is meant to hold your mask when you are not wearing it, as opposed to pulling it down your face or taking it off and placing it in your bag, which can expose it to germs.

The pocket-sized carrier is simple to use — just lay your mask flat on it, follow the folding instructions, and twist the ear loops around the notches to secure it. Every Evolvetogether mask pack comes with a mask keeper, but you can also purchase a 10-pack with limited-edition prints like florals, fruit, and dogs for $7.25.

The mask keepers are available for preorder and expected to ship between October 5 and 10.

Buy It! Evolvetogether 10 Mask Keepers, Limited Edition Prints, $7.25; evolvetogether.com

If you’re interested in trying out Evolvetogether’s face masks too, you can snag a pack of seven for just $9 or a pack of 30 for $36. The FDA-registered masks are made with three layers: a water-resistant outer layer (which blocks airborne contaminants), a melt-blown fabric center (to filter bacteria), and a moisture-absorbing interior. They feature soft ear loops and an adjustable nose wire.

Buy It! Evolvetogether Milan Face Masks, Pack of 7, $8.97; evolvetogether.com

A safe, affordable, and cute way to keep your masks clean? We’re sold!

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  • Posted on October 2, 2020