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Parenting 6 Kids Under Age 7 Is Apparently 'Chaos' for Alec & Hilaria Baldwin & Yep

Since welcoming baby girl Lucia via surrogate in March, just six months after giving birth to son Eduardo, all of Hilaria Baldwin’s social media posts have been sweet pics of the cherubic newborns and their four doting older siblings, accompanied with gushy captions depicting big-family bliss with hubby Alec Baldwin. But according to an OK! insider source, the scene inside their Hamptons estate is a “nonstop nightmare” IRL.

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This probably comes as no surprise to pretty much any parent anywhere. Six kids under the age of seven, with two infants, sounds like absolutely exhausting pandemonium. Even if daughter Carmen, 7, and sons Romeo, 2, Leonardo, 4, and Rafael, 5 are absolute angels, Hilaria and Alec are seriously outnumbered by their mini-me’s with Spanish-inspired names who need help with pretty much everything.


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“Hilaria’s up all night with feedings, and they’re both tired and cranky,” the insider told OK!, “especially Alec, from taking care of the rest of the kids 24/7.”

Yep, that sounds about right. We’re not sure what the celebrity couple thought life with their own basketball squad (plus an alternate) was going to be like, but as the saying goes, “One kid is hard, two kids is like four kids, and six kids is like a bomb waiting to explode.” Okay, there is no such saying, but there should be. Because, accurate.


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Adding to the mayhem is the fact that Alec — who at age 62 is already a dad to an adult child, 25-year-old Ireland (with ex Kim Basinger) — just recently returned home from being away shooting a project and quarantining. He was apparently “shocked to find such chaos,” the insider said. “He and Hilaria thought having one more kid would be a cinch, but they’re at their wits’ end!”

Of course, while six kids under age seven is a lot, the Baldwins are far from the largest of the celebrities with huge families. Then, of course, there are big reality show families like the Duggars and just regular people who have a lot of kids, as well. Perhaps Hilaria and Alec should try to get some advice from their peers with a plethora of progeny?

Jenny Groothuis, mom of 15(!), is not afraid to admit that parenting a large family takes some special skills. “Parenting a large family requires a unique skill set, it’s true,” Groothuis told SheKnows about parenting tips for large families. “But once you figure out what strategies work for your household, you can get a nice groove going no matter what size your family is.”

Whether they have lots of kids or just one, these are the celebrity parents who love their nannies.

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  • Posted on April 3, 2021